Our metallic and ceramic sputtering targets, evaporation materials and arc cathodes are used to produce ultra-thin, high-performance functional layers for flat screens, thin-film solar cells and hard material coatings.

Our coating materials are vital components of the thin-film transistors used in TFT-LCD screens. They control the individual pixels, therefore have a great influence on the image quality.

Sunlight is converted into electrical current in the absorber layer of a thin-film solar cell. There is a thin layer of molybdenum below this. It collects the generated electricity and allows for transportation to the grid. Our sputtering targets for thin-film solar cells are made from molybdenum, sodium doped molybdenum (MoNa) and materials for absorber layers.

Our titanium, zirconium, chromium and ceramic-based materials are used as hard material layers on tools, components and decorative items, due to their excellent toughness. Hard material layers can extend the service lives of drills, milling cutters and other tools, protect components and enhance the appearance of a wide range of products due to the color effects they produce.

Our coating materials listed as:

Sputtering target

Evaporation Materials

Spray wire