Aluminum nitride sheets (thermal conductive ceramic sheets) have a high thermal conductivity (>170W/m.k), one of the highest thermal conductivity coefficients among non-metallic materials (7-10 times that of alumina ceramic sheets). It has excellent mechanical properties and is easy to process. Good performance, high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, no micro-cracks, bends, etc. Low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss enable the electrical insulation performance to achieve the best and most reliable effect. The material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, oil-resistant, and chemical-resistant. The thermal expansion coefficient is similar to silicon, has no hygroscopicity, and has stable performance and high reliability under high temperature and high humidity conditions. With the widespread development of microelectronic equipment, AlN has been widely used as a substrate material or packaging material ceramic sheet with high thermal conductivity. Pay attention and apply.

Ceramic materials have high hardness and brittleness, making them difficult to form and process, especially during micro-hole processing.

As a non-contact processing tool, the laser has greater advantages than traditional processing technology and plays an important role in the processing of ceramic substrates. We offer laser-drilled aluminum nitride ceramic substrate AlN sheets.

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Parameter





Grayish white, Beige

Water absorption



Volume Density



Surface roughness




(length ‰)


Thermal conductivity



Thermal expansivity

x 10-6/°C (20℃-800℃)


Flexural strength



Modulus of elasticity



Dielectric constant

1MHZ, 25℃


Dielectric loss

x 10-4


Dielectric strength



Volume resistivity



Typical characteristic

-Very high thermal conductivity, Ultra-high thermal conductivity ≥225W/m·k

-High insulation capacity

-Low dielectric constant, effective against electronic signal interference

-Low thermal expansion

-Good metallization capacity

-Expansion coefficient can be matched with semiconductor silicon wafer

-Better mechanical strength than alumina

-Good corrosion resistance to molten metal

-Minimum impurity content, non-toxic, high purity

Application of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

AlN ceramic products are mainly used in high-density hybrid circuits, microwave power devices, semiconductor power devices, power electronic devices, optoelectronic components, semiconductor refrigeration, and other products as high-performance substrate materials and packaging materials.

-Heat sink substrate, LED package substrate, semiconductor substrate, thin film circuit substrate, power resistor substrate

-Optoelectronic communication devices

-Dielectric layers in optical storage media

-Electronic substrates, chip carriers where high thermal conductivity is essential;

-Aerospace and military electronic applications

-Photovoltaic electronic equipment

-Automotive electronic module

-High-frequency transformer power equipment

-High-frequency microwave application devices

-LED/high power module


Our Aluminum Nitride sheet is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.