In addition to its ultra-high thermal conductivity, hexagonal boron nitride also has excellent insulation properties. Its bandgap width is 5.2eV and its breakdown strength is as high as 35kV/mm, which makes h-BN suitable for It is used under working conditions where both insulation and heat dissipation are required, which is unmatched by graphene. Because of the above-mentioned excellent properties, hexagonal boron nitride is a thermally conductive filler with great application value and prospects. Especially with the development of science and technology, electronic products are becoming more and more compact and integrated. The improvement of performance will inevitably lead to problems in heat dissipation, which will affect the working efficiency and service life, thereby restricting the development of microelectronics integration technology. In recent years, researchers have further improved the thermal conductivity of hBN hexagonal boron nitride-based thermally conductive composite materials through methods such as blending, surface modification, hybrid effect, and 3D structure construction, which can be better used in electronic components. Edgetech Industries LLC provides the machining service for boron nitride insulators.

Material for HBN insulator

Boron nitride material could be physically enhanced by adding some other ceramics, such as SiC (BN-SiC), ZrO2(BN-ZS), or AlN (BN-AlN), high purity boron nitride could withstand higher temperatures in the inert atmosphere than the composite/enhanced ceramics. However, the enhanced BN usually has better wear resistivity and better performance in air.


>99.7% Pure BN material


>99% Pure BN material


SiC enhanced BN ceramic


Aluminum Nitride enhanced BN


Zirconia enhanced BN


Pyrolytic boron nitride/CVD boron nitride


BN 60%, SiO2 40%


BN 40%, SiO2 60%

Dimension for HBN insulator

Boron nitride insulators are usually smaller than 12″ diameter x 16″ length due to the limitation of our equipment and stocked materials. Large BN insulators could be built by connecting shorter tubes.


As a ceramic material, boron nitride is quite fragile in a lot of cases. Our Hot-Pressed Boron Nitride product is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation. Suitable outer boxes and inner cushioning materials are used for BN products, vacuum packing is also engaged for some of the parts.