Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Ceramics
Silicon nitride ceramic is an inorganic material ceramic that does not shrink during sintering. The high strength of silicon nitride, especially hot-pressed silicon nitride, is one of the hardest substances in the world. Si3N4 ceramic is a covalent bond compound with high strength, low density, and high-temperature resistance.
As an excellent high-temperature engineering material, Si3N4 ceramic material has the most advantages in the application of high-temperature fields. It has extremely high-temperature resistance, and its strength can remain unchanged up to 1200 °C. It will not melt into melt when heated. It does not decompose until 1900°C. It has amazing chemical resistance and can resist almost all inorganic acids. The caustic soda solution below 30% can also resist the corrosion of many organic acids; it is also a high-performance electrical insulating material.
Main application
– Wear-resistant parts, such as bearings, rollers, seals, etc.
-Semiconductor equipment components, electrical insulators
– High-temperature elements, thermocouple protection tubes, nozzles and covers, and furnace components.
The preparation of Si3N4 ceramics includes reaction sintering, hot pressing sintering, normal pressure sintering, and gas pressure sintering. Due to different preparation processes, each type of silicon nitride ceramic has a different microstructure (such as porosity and pore morphology, grain morphology, intergranular morphology, intergranular second phase content, etc.). Pressure sintering is currently the most popular method.
Available products
-Plates, sheets, tubes, rods, thermocouple protection tubes
– Customized parts such as bearings, bearing balls, sealing rings, forming rollers, electrical insulators, crucibles, etc.
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Products