Chromium disc / sputtering target is one of our main products for shaped chromium metal. Edgetech can provide conventional solid Cr metal as well as simple turning parts.

Specifications for Cr metal disc, Chromium sputtering target

Purity: 99.7%, 99.9%, 99.95%

Dimensions: Ф100*40mm, Ф100*30mm, Ф200*6mm, Ф150*12mm, and other customized sizes.

Tolerance: Based on specific dimensions

Surface: Grinding

Process: forging, turning, cutting


Chromium has excellent properties such as hard and brittle, corrosion resistance, etc., it is widely used in metallurgy, the chemical industry, cast iron, refractory and high-precision technology, and other fields.

Other Related Chromium

Chromium Granules: Irregular particles, chunks, and lumps are available on request.

Chromium metal rod: 10mm-160mm diameter x 100mm-700mm length

Chromium metal plate: 690*145*10mm, 672*127*12mm,1100*120*12mm, and other customized sizes.

Tailor-made Cr metal parts: special-shaped parts can be customized

Chromium Alloys: Chromium aluminum (1:1 and 3:7 wt%), Available in rod, plate, disc, tube, and machined parts.

Other Chromium machined parts can be produced depending on the detailed specifications. Send us your request here.

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