Cobalt, element symbol Co, silver-white ferromagnetic metal, the surface is silver-white and slightly pale pink.

Cobalt is a weakly reducing metal that is protected from oxidation by a passivating oxide film. It is primarily used in lithium-ion batteries and in manufacturing magnetic, wear-resistant, and high-strength alloys. It does not interact with water at room temperature and is stable in the humid air.

The physical and chemical properties of cobalt determine that it is an important raw material for producing heat-resistant alloys, cemented carbides, anti-corrosion alloys, magnetic alloys, and various cobalt salts.

Atomic number27
AppearanceHard lustrous bluish gray metal
Melting point1495 °C, ​2723 °F
Boiling point 2927 °C, ​5301 °F
Density (near r.t.)8.90 g/cm3

Cobalt Metal:

The regular purity of our Cobalt metal is 99.98%, we also provide high-purity cobalt used for surface deposition.

Co Purity: 99.95%, 99.98%

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