Edgetech Industries (ETI) has been specializing in providing non-ferrous metals, rare earth elements, deposition materials (sputter targets and evaporation materials), semi-metals, functional materials (Nitinol, marking tapes, fibers, optics, industrial powders and hyaluronic acids), advanced ceramics, precious metals, porous materials, and permanent magnets for many years. We strive to provide the highest quality materials and adhere to the strictest quality control systems while providing excellent value to our customers. You can trust us because of our successful relationships with long-term customers. Our products are used in a variety of fields such as aerospace, medicine, electronics, semiconductors, etc. by scientific research institutes and high-tech enterprises.

Our core competencies

Production line

Edgetech is equipped with a full set of production and processing facilities: cold isostatic pressing (CIP) machine, hot isostatic pressing (HIP) machine, vacuum induction melting furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum distillation furnace, vacuum hot pressing furnace, and other production equipment, high-temperature sintering furnace, and other furnaces used in the production of various metals. Cold forming machines, vacuum unforged equipment, lathes, grinders, wire EDM machines, and other materials forming and processing equipment.


We run a strict quality control system and use different instruments and methods in the manufacturing process, including chemical element inspection equipment, mechanical testing equipment, manual ultrasonic detectors/hydraulic testing machines/inner scope equipment/eddy current testing machines/hardness testing machines /Dimensional measurements, etc., can ensure every step is executed perfectly.

Edgetech offers products that comply with ASTM, ASME, MIL, AMS, DMS, AWS, and JIS specifications.

The most competitive price

At ETI, you’ll get the products you want at the most competitive prices. We have established a complete SCM (supply chain management) and LP (lean production) system to reduce costs. We always pursue efficient mass production and scientific management. Therefore, we are able to ensure that you get the highest product quality at the lowest price.

Comprehensive solution

With our extensive experience in high-purity materials, we are able to help customers select materials, design products and provide technical support. We have an independent laboratory for the development and testing of new materials and provide technical consultation to customers.

At Edgetech Industries, our motto is “Make us your supplier and you will get more than just quality materials”. For more information, you can contact us by email: sales@edge-techind.com or call us: 786-930-4449. You are also welcome to visit our webpage: https://www.etimaterials.org/.