Germanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ge and atomic number 32.

Germanium is shiny, hard and brittle, off-white, and similar in appearance to silicon. It is a metalloid in the carbon family, chemically similar to its neighbors silicon and tin. Like silicon, germanium reacts naturally in nature and forms complexes with oxygen. Germanium is easily oxidized, and it is too reactive to occur naturally in its natural state on Earth.

High-purity materials are usually obtained through area refining, and high-purity germanium is widely used as a semiconductor material. Elemental germanium is used as a semiconductor in transistors and various other electronic devices.

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We provide germanium metal products including

Material: Ge: 99,999%, 99.9999% metal basis

-Lump (Ge Lump)

-pieces (Ge Pieces)

-Pellets (Ge Pellets)

-Rod (Ge Rod)

-Germanium metal powder

-Ge sputtering target

-Ge evaporation materials.

-Tailor-made Ge products


Material: GeO2, 99.999%

Germanium dioxide, also known as Germanium oxide (GeO2), Germanium (IV) oxide, Germania

Particle size: -100mesh, etc.


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