Magnetic Division of Edgetech Industries has been engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sales of permanent magnets for many years.

We are a supplier of rare earth permanent magnet products such as neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt, other non-rare earth permanent magnets, and magnetic components. We offer a wide range of magnets for different fields such as mechanical equipment, NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), speakers, wind turbines, etc.

In order to meet the needs of customers and the market, we customize magnetic products such as NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, micro magnets and ceramic magnets, as well as some magnetic components such as brackets and couplings. Our magnets are popular among customers because of their excellent quality, competitive prices and good after-sales services.

In addition to traditional magnetic products, we are also interested in challenging new related products and applications. Edgetech Industries Magnets Division is always ready to research and discuss new materials with customers. We understand the importance of our clients investing time and energy into developing new businesses for the future. We are flexible and experiment with various materials and coatings.