Neodymium magnets have been widely used in high-performance stepper motors, DC motors, servo motors and linear motors, actuators, speakers, headsets, holding systems, relays, magnetic imaging for medical and geophysical applications, and more.

It is the most powerful permanent magnet material commercially available. Neodymium magnets have high energies from 8 MGOe to 50MGOe. NdFeB magnets also have good coercivity and can operate at temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The Magnetic Division of Edgetech Industries is continuously working on improving MGO. Due to the limitations of the manufacturing process, the strength range is related to the size and shape of the material used.

NdFeB magnets are available in sintered and bonded forms.

– The performance of bonded NdFeB is usually lower due to the special process of bonding the powder in the mold. Although bonded magnets do not have as advanced magnetic properties as sintered magnets. They can be made into shapes and sizes that would be difficult to achieve with sintering. It is isotropic, can be magnetized in any direction, and has multiple magnetic poles.

-Sintered NdFeB parts produce the highest magnetic properties. It usually requires some finishing operations to maintain tight mechanical tolerances. Sintered NdFeB is anisotropic and can only be magnetized along the orientation direction. Sintered rare earth magnets are manufactured through the PM (Powder Metallurgy) process, which involves sintering powder compacts under vacuum. Magnets can be produced in bulk for subsequent processing, or they can be molded to produce custom components. Coatings can be applied based on the expected environment.

For more information on properties and parameters for each grade of Neodymium Magnets, please visit our website at Neodymium Magnet Grades.


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