High-quality Tantalum Marker Bands (radiopaque marker bands) are available at Edgetech.

All marker bands are precisely manufactured and cut to length according to your requirements. Marker bands are made by cutting small tubes (tantalum and platinum-iridium capillaries) and can be used as radiopaque markers during angioplasty and other minimally invasive catheter procedures.

Tantalum marker band applications

-Used in the medical industry to provide radiopaque markings for sensors and catheters.

-Used as a radiopaque marker during angioplasty and other minimally invasive catheter-based procedures.

The following two characteristics allow tantalum to be used as a radiopaque marker band

Tantalum has acceptable biocompatibility as a biomaterial. If there is movement between the graft and tissue, slight discoloration may occur in some cases. This is similar to the case of titanium and titanium alloys and may be caused by the removal of oxidized particles. Ingestion of tantalum and tantalum oxide results in very low absorption of tantalum from the respiratory or gastrointestinal systems, reflecting the low solubility of the material.

 Radiopaque properties of tantalum.


Size: OD φ0.2 ~ φ8mm

Wall thickness: 0.015 ~ 0.5mm

Our advantages of marker bands:

-Great quality

-Short lead time

-Stable supply

-Good service


Our marker bands are mostly packed in small bottles, plastic boxes & cartons, which can protect radiopaque markers during transportation and handling.