Edgetech Industries has been committed to providing high-precision metal capillary tubes and their derivatives with “micron” level accuracy.
We focus on rare metals, special materials, ultra-thin capillary tubes, ultra-thin-wall capillary tubes, ultra-high-precision capillary tubes and other fields. The capillary materials we supply include platinum-iridium (Pt90/Ir10), titanium, tantalum and its alloys, niobium, zirconium, stainless steel, nickel-based high-temperature alloys, etc. Our metal capillary tubes are used in medical devices, aerospace, automobiles, and communication equipment. Representative products include marking tapes, puncture needles, heat exchange titanium capillary tubes, oxygen sensor heat pipes, oxygen sensing heat-resistant tubes, optical fiber sleeves, anti-corrosion tantalum tubes, etc.
With our strong R&D capabilities, we can participate in the design and modification of special machinery to meet personalized production needs. In addition to products for scientific research, we can also produce conventional products through large-scale finishing.
Titanium and titanium alloy capillary tubes
Tantalum capillary
Niobium and niobium-zirconium alloy capillary tubes
Platinum-iridium alloy capillary tube
Palladium silver alloy capillary tube
Copper and copper alloy capillary tubes
Stainless steel capillary tube
Capillary derivatives