High-precision stainless steel capillary

Stainless steel is one of the most common metal materials. It has good plasticity and corrosion resistance and is widely used in industrial fields. At present, our company mainly manufactures high-precision stainless steel capillary tubes, and the accuracy can reach the “micron level”. In order to highlight our company’s advantages in capillary manufacturing of commonly used materials, currently the following types of capillaries are mainly produced:

  1. High precision requirements (within ±0.01mm);
  2. Very fine outer diameter (within 0.2-1.2mm outer diameter);
  3. Very thin wall (T<0.06mm);
  4. Very thick wall (outer diameter: inner diameter> 2:1);

Specifications for our stainless steel capillary:

Size specifications: outer diameter Φ0.2~Φ8mm, wall thickness: T0.015~0.5mm.

Highest precision: outer diameter: Φ±0.003mm, wall thickness: T±0.005mm, length: L±0.03mm.

Appearance: Observed under a microscope, the inner and outer surfaces of the tube show a uniform metallic luster, without oxidation, hydrogenation, discoloration, scratches, deformation, burrs, etc.

Specifications can be customized according to user requirements based on the above range.

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