Through the differentiated design of the burner surface covering, gas distribution metal plate, appearance structure, and combination method, it can best adapt to different working conditions and accurately meet different needs.
Introduction to common solutions:
1. Face covering adjustment
Certain properties of the burner can be enhanced by adjusting the parameters of the fabric covering the burner surface.
For example, the customized K2000/180-ULT, based on the original conventional metal fiber fabric K1400, has enhanced the tempering resistance of the surface fabric and is suitable for various combustion scenarios with higher tempering resistance requirements.
2. Special design of punched metal plates
By adjusting the hole pattern of the primary air distribution plate of the burner, problems such as flame distribution, clogging, combustion resonance, and poor ignition in applications are solved.
For example, the special three-dimensional structural holes can improve the dust passage rate and the maximum dust holding capacity of the surface covering fabric, and extend the maintenance cycle of the metal fiber burner.
3. External structure design
By adjusting the structure of the burner, the problem of inapplicability of the original traditional cylindrical and flat burners in some heat exchange systems is solved.
For example, cone type, internal combustion type, column partial flame type, etc. The customized shape and structure can meet special heat transfer requirements.
4. Changes in combination methods
1) Use two or more different metal fiber fabrics to improve combustion stability and reduce the occurrence of various abnormal situations.
2) Remove the original surface covering fabric, design a special hole combination primary distribution plate, and add a gas distribution component. Stable operation of the combustion head without fabric coverage can be achieved within a certain power range.
For example, the coverage of the double-layer metal fiber fabric combustion head reduces the resonance probability of the burner; the cost of the steel tube burner is greatly reduced, eliminating the problem of burner blockage.

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