Gas Burner

【Product Description】

The main material used in metal fiber gas burners is special iron-chromium-aluminum fiber with a diameter of approximately 30-50μm. The fiber can be sintered or woven to produce special transparent materials with a three-dimensional network structure for use in metal fiber burners. Some special varieties can be used in an environment of around 1000℃ for a long time and can withstand temperatures of 1300℃ for a short time.


* High operating temperature: 1100℃ (maximum temperature 1250℃)

*Wide load adjustment range: infrared combustion method: 100-800kw/m2; blue flame combustion method: 1000-10000kw/m2

* Low resistance: infrared combustion mode: <50pa; blue flame combustion mode: <200pa

* Long service life: 20000h

* High radiation efficiency: >50%

* Even burning

* Thermal inertia: rapid heating and cooling

* Thermal shock resistance: drastic changes in thermal load will not cause damage to the material

* Mechanical impact resistance: Certain mechanical impact has no effect on the material

* Burners made into various shapes


Mainly used in asphalt pavement heating equipment, kitchen equipment, large space heating, material annealing, drying equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, food and pharmaceutical machinery, harmless treatment of combustible gases, boilers and steam generators, household wall-mounted boilers, etc. 

Commercial applications; all of these devices and systems require the conversion of gases into heat.

【Metal fiber fabric solution】

  We have a complete set of production processes from metal fibers to high-temperature fabrics to burners. It can provide different types of metal fiber fabrics and combustion head designs, and can meet highly customized burner solutions; metal fiber fabrics with different structures can Guarantee an ideal thermal insulation effect; alloys containing rare earth elements give metal fiber fabrics excellent oxidation resistance and long service life.

Knitted continuous fiber fabrics: 3D structure has a wider application range

Knitted staple fabric: 3D structure, outstanding infrared radiation effect

Woven staple fabric: 2D structure, an economical solution 

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