Our titanium fiber sintered felt is made of micron-grade pure titanium fiber, made through a special felting process and ultra-high temperature vacuum sintering process. Titanium fiber felt has an excellent three-dimensional network porous structure, high porosity, large specific surface area, uniform pore size distribution, strong corrosion resistance, good water permeability, good heat dissipation, high current density, low voltage, stable performance, long life, etc. advantage. We have widely used in fuel cells, military, aerospace, civil, medical, and other industries. Especially hydrogen fuel cell diffusion media: used in the anode diffusion layer (GDL) in proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysis. Our company can customize and produce titanium fiber felts of various specifications and properties according to customer requirements.

Hydrogen is a clean, renewable, and green energy source. In the PEM stack water hydrogen production device, the membrane electrode, which is composed of a gas diffusion layer (GDL), a catalytic layer, and a proton exchange membrane, is the main place where the stack performs electrochemical reactions and is the core component of PEMWE. The diffusion layer not only supports the catalyst-coated membrane electrode (Catalyst Coated Membrane, CCM), evenly distributes the reaction water, and discharges the generated gas in a timely manner, but it can also perform functions such as conducting current, and is one of the key components that affect the hydrogen production performance of the stack.

A good diffusion layer material should have the following characteristics:

1) Good electrical and thermal conductivity, the contact resistance between electrode catalysts can be kept at a low level to reduce electrolysis overpotential;

2) Strong acid corrosion resistance. The anode diffusion layer should have good resistance to oxidation corrosion in order to overcome the oxygen evolution reaction of long-term contact, while the cathode diffusion layer should be resistant to hydrogen embrittlement in order to overcome the hydrogen evolution reaction of long-term contact;

3) Porous and elastic, because the diffusion layer is close to both sides of the membrane electrode and plays a supporting role in the membrane electrode, it can withstand a certain pressure;

4) Long service life and cheap price.

In comparing titanium felt, sintered titanium plate, and carbon paper as anode diffusion layer, the study found that titanium felt has the best electrolytic performance, the smallest ohmic resistance, and good stability. Therefore, titanium felt is more suitable as the anode diffusion layer of PEMWE.

Specifications of titanium fiber sintered felt


Light gray

Pore size

Customized, Regular: 12μm & 20μm&30μm &50μm


0.2mm-5 mm, Regular thickness (0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0,5.0) mm


50%-90% (Customized as request)


Customized, Max 1600mm*600mm

Characteristics of titanium fiber sintered felt

★Uniform pore size distribution

★Strong corrosion resistance,

★Good water permeability

★High porosity

★ Good heat dissipation

★ High current density

★Low voltage

★ Stable performance and long service life

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