Edgetech is a global leader in providing molybdenum and tungsten materials, machined parts, fabrication, and assemblies to the high-temperature furnace industry, including metal injection molding furnaces, crystal growth furnaces, HIP furnaces, and other types of furnaces. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities produce everything from high-quality sheets, plate, rod, and wire to precision machined parts to complex fabrications and assemblies. The components we offer include hot zone components, HIP housings, rotors, stoves, and fasteners. We manufacture these components in-house to meet our customers’ exact specifications. We also stock standard products such as rods, plates, fasteners, and strip heating element materials.


Edgetech offers products in a variety of materials for the furnace industry

Pure molybdenum

Pure tungsten

Molybdenum lanthanate (MoLa)

TZM (Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum)

Molybdenum and tungsten are both refractory metals, making them ideal for making furnace components used at high temperatures. Due to their special properties, they are the perfect choice for components in the furnace construction industry. Molybdenum and tungsten furnace parts are mostly used in high-temperature furnaces such as high-temperature furnaces and sapphire growth furnaces.

Characteristics of molybdenum and tungsten furnace parts:

-High operating temperature

-Outstanding creep resistance

-High level of dimensional stability

– Extremely pure

-Excellent corrosion resistance

-Low expansion coefficient


Edgetech offers a complete range of products for the furnace industry. If you don’t see your product below, don’t worry – we make it.


Crucibles (spun, pressed, sintered, and machined)

Fasteners, Spacers, Hangers, Crowns


Furnace racks

Heating elements (wires, rods, mesh)

Hot zone components and components

Rod (threaded, gun drill)


Shells and mantel

Shielding (components and assemblies)


Molybdenum furnace accessories specifications

Material: ASTM B386/387, Type 361

Purity: Molybdenum, 99.95%

Operating temperature environment: <1900℃

Size: as per drawing

High-quality molybdenum products have excellent heat resistance. Prices for molybdenum furnace components depend on size, complexity, configuration, and additional requirements specified in the order. We also offer tungsten furnace parts.

Molybdenum Crucible
Chemically cleaned surface-TZM Plate
TZM Alloy

Edgetech Industries LLC offers premium quality pure molybdenum, TZM alloys, molybdenum-lanthanum, molybdenum-rhenium alloy shaped articles, and complex parts.

Pure Metal: Plate, Sheet, Strip, Disc, Ribbon, Tube, Rod, Bar, Wire, Crucible, Fasteners, Tailor-made articles. The above product series are also applicable to molybdenum alloys.

Alloys: TZM Alloy, Mo-La Alloy, Mo-Re Alloy

Composites: Copper Molybdenum, CMC, CPC, heat sink 

Customized parts can be customized according to drawings, please send your drawings to sales@edge-techind.com.