Molybdenum discs and squares are engineered molybdenum products. Molybdenum, with its gray hue and extremely high melting point, does not occur as a free metal in nature but occurs in minerals in various oxidation states. Its tendency to form strong and stable carbides makes it the first choice for making steel, high-strength, and superalloys. Molybdenum compounds typically exhibit low solubility in water and find industrial applications such as pigments and catalysts in high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

Molybdenum disks and squares have a similar low coefficient of thermal expansion to silicon but have better processability. For this reason, it is usually used for heat dissipation of high-power and high-reliability semiconductor electronic components, contact materials in thyristors, transistors, and thyristors (GTO), mounting materials for power semiconductors, heat dissipation bases in ICs, LSI, and hybrid circuits.

Specification for our un-coated Moly Discs and Square


Molybdenum Disc

Molybdenum Square


ASTM B386, type 361/364

ASTM B386, type 361/364


Mo≥99.95%, TZM Alloy

Mo≥99.95%, TZM Alloy


5~100mm diameter x 0.2~12mm thickness

25~100mm2 x 0.5~12.0 thickness


Chemically cleaned, Grinding, As rolled, sandblasted surface

TZM Alloy Disc

We provide both coated (coating: Ru, Rh, Ni, Ag, Au, etc.) molybdenum discs & uncoated discs and square. We can also provide TZM Alloy disc and Mo-La alloy disc. The price for pure molybdenum is lower than TZM alloy and Mo-La Alloy causing the machining and sintering process.

Pure molybdenum possesses unique properties suitable for use in several applications and industries. It may be most well-known for its high melting point, 2620 °C, however, its usefulness is driven by its performance in high temperatures and corrosive environments:

Load bearing capabilities at temperatures up to 2000 °C,

Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity

Low vapor pressure at high temperature

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Resistance to corrosion

Shielding from high-energy particles

Molybdenum disc application

As a key electronic component in high-power and high-reliability semiconductors, molybdenum is important in efficient heat dissipation. Its applications extend to use as a contact material in silicon-controlled rectifiers, diodes, transistors, and thyristors (GTOs). In addition, molybdenum has important uses as heat sink bases in integrated circuits (ICs), large-scale integrated circuits (LSI), and hybrid circuits, contributing to the effective thermal management of electronic devices.

Molybdenum disc packaging

The standard package for molybdenum disc, TZM alloy disc, Mo-La disc is wooden crate, so that goods can be protected during handling and transportation. Small discs and squares will be appropriated packing in carton. 

Molybdneum PLATE
Molybdenum Plate
Molybdenum rod
Molybdenum Rod

Edgetech Industries LLC offers premium quality pure molybdenum, TZM alloys, molybdenum-lanthanum, molybdenum-rhenium alloy shaped articles, and complex parts.

Pure Metal: Plate, Sheet, Strip, Disc, Ribbon, Tube, Rod, Bar, Wire, Crucible, Fasteners, Tailor-made articles. The above product series are also applicable to molybdenum alloys.

Alloys: TZM Alloy, Mo-La Alloy, Mo-Re Alloy

Composites: Copper Molybdenum, CMC, CPC, heat sink 


Customized parts can be customized according to drawings, please send your drawings to