Our molybdenum rods and molybdenum rods are sintered from molybdenum powder.

Molybdenum rod has the following characteristics

-Excellent Strength & Stiffness at high temperatures.

-High purity and excellent creep resistance.

-Good machinability and easily fabricated.

-High dimensional stability and excellent corrosion resistance

-Low emissivity and vapor pressure.

-Good electrical conductivity and low thermal expansion

-Ductile and corrosion resistant.

-Excellent Thermal conductivity.

Molybdenum rod machined parts

Molybdenum Applications

-Hot Zones for high-temperature furnaces.

-Sputtering targets for coating solar cells & flat screens.

-Glass melting electrodes

-Heat shields

-Semiconductor base plates.

-Brazing fixtures & Boring bars

-Tools & Contacts

-Pigments and catalysts

-Filaments, ribbons, and wires for lighting

-Jet Tabs, rocket nozzles, and missile parts

We offer a variety of standard rod diameters, ranging from 0.16 inches to over 8.0 inches, and can be cut to customer-specified dimensions in thickness, length, and surface finish.

Molybdenum cylinders

We also offer precision machined, threaded rods and gun-drilled molybdenum rods. As with all of our materials, our rods begin as metal powder, pressed into ingots, sintered, and then die forged and drawn. Our advanced drawing/swaging process allows us to customize products to meet specific customer material and performance requirements to ensure optimal performance for your application.

In addition to commercially pure molybdenum, Edgetech also supplies TZM Alloy, molybdenum copper, MoLa Alloy, and molybdenum-rhenium alloys.

Molybdenum rods are typically supplied to meet the requirements of ASTM-B-387 or ASTM-B-386, Type 361, and Type 364. Customized grades are available upon request and as per customer specifications.



Molybdenum Rod


ASTM B387, Type 361 (PM pure molybdenum)/364 (TZM Alloy)


Drawing, swaging




0.16” ~8.0” diameter x L


Grinding, Finish turning, Black Oxide, chemically cleaned

Molybdenum with a larger diameter will be named ingot. Other Moly parts machined from rods can be manufactured per drawings, we also provide TZM alloy rods and Mo-La alloy rods.

Moly Rod & Disc

Surface Finish for Molybdenum rod

Black –Surface covered with processing lubricants and oxides. This surface treatment is quite rough, and the rods will have a larger tolerance

Cleaned – The surface is chemically cleaned to remove all lubricants and oxides.

Ground – The surface is centerless to remove all coating and achieve precise diameter control.

Surface Oxidation Removal Method

Molybdenum products are easily oxidized. When heavy oxides need to be removed, strong acids (fluoric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.) can be used. Please pay attention to the operation.

Use an abrasive cleaner to clean the lightly oxidized layer with a soft cloth or sponge, and then rinse with warm water.

Please note that molybdenum products will lose their metallic luster after cleaning.

Packing of Moly rods

Regularly, our molybdenum rods (TZM alloy, Mo-La rod) are packed in wooden crates, cartons are also used for small rods and cylinders.

Tantalum bar
Molybdenum Bar
Molybdenum (Mo) Tube
Molybdenum Tube

Edgetech Industries LLC offers premium quality pure molybdenum, TZM alloys, molybdenum-lanthanum, molybdenum-rhenium alloy shaped articles, and complex parts.

Pure Metal: Plate, Sheet, Strip, Disc, Ribbon, Tube, Rod, Bar, Wire, Crucible, Fasteners, Tailor-made articles. The above product series are also applicable to molybdenum alloys.

Alloys: TZM Alloy, Mo-La Alloy, Mo-Re Alloy

Composites: Copper Molybdenum, CMC, CPC, heat sink 

Customized parts can be customized according to drawings, please send your drawings to sales@edge-techind.com.