Molybdenum strips can be used in lighting, vacuum coating, and semi-conductor fields. Moly strip is a rolled sheet and plate. It has a narrow width and a much longer length.

Besides pure moly sheet, Edgetech can also provide TZM alloy strip and Mo-La strip, The TZM alloy strip is only supplied in flat sheet form cause its high hardness.



Molybdenum Strip


ASTM B386, Type 361, Type 364. Mo-La


Cold rolling


Mo≥99.95%, Mo-La, TZM alloy


Thickness: 0.1mm~0.9mm Width: 150mm
Length: per customer’s need


In rolls or straight


As rolled

Molybdenum is a silvery-grey metal with a high melting point of 2,623°C. It has a density of 10.2 g/cm³.

Mo strip in coil


-High Density: 10.3 g/cm³

-High Melting Point: 2625°C (4760 °F)

-Low Vapor Pressure

-High Tensile Strength

-Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

-Low Electrical Resistivity

-Good Machinability

-High Absorption Capacity

-High Elastic Modulus


Steel additive

Straight Molybdenum strip

Molybdenum is used to enhance the strength, corrosion resistance, and durability of structure and stainless steel, particularly in marine environments.

Superalloy additive

Molybdenum is used to strengthen and increase hardness and resistance to wear and deformation at high temperatures in high-speed steels and superalloys. These are used in drilling and cutting tools, jet engines, and power generation turbines.

Cast iron and automotive alloy additive

A small percentage of molybdenum is used to improve the strength, hardness, temperature, and pressure tolerance of cast iron and steel used in automobile engines.

Industrial Vacuum Furnace Parts

Molybdenum is used in vacuum furnaces as heating elements and heat shields due to its high melting point.

Moly strip on cardboard tube


A significant portion of molybdenum is used in chemicals, mostly as catalysts for petroleum refineries.

Thin Films

Molybdenum is used in various electronic devices due to its high melting temperature, electrical conductivity, and thermal expansion coefficient.

Packaging for our Molybdenum strip

The standard package for molybdenum is a wooden crate so that goods can be protected during handling and transportation. A carton package is used for small rolls of strips.

Chemically cleaned surface-TZM Plate
Molybdenum Sheet
Molybdneum ribbon
Molybdenum Ribbon

Edgetech Industries LLC offers premium quality pure molybdenum, TZM alloys, molybdenum-lanthanum, molybdenum-rhenium alloy shaped articles, and complex parts.

Pure Metal: Plate, Sheet, Strip, Disc, Ribbon, Tube, Rod, Bar, Wire, Crucible, Fasteners, Tailor-made articles. The above product series are also applicable to molybdenum alloys.

Alloys: TZM Alloy, Mo-La Alloy, Mo-Re Alloy

Composites: Copper Molybdenum, CMC, CPC, heat sink 


Customized parts can be customized according to drawings, please send your drawings to