Niobium strip & foil is rolled from high purity niobium metal and has excellent ductility. Niobium has important uses in the nuclear industry due to its low capture cross section for thermal neutrons. Edgetech Industries offers the highest quality niobium foil/ribbon/strip with the shortest delivery times, very competitive pricing, and custom options to meet specific needs.

Edgetech is the most experienced supplier of niobium strip in the United States. Our customers know that we have the expertise to provide quality material and ensure delivery in accordance with production schedule requirements.

Our niobium strip is available in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Our products are precision rolled using a proprietary rolling schedule to ensure that the material performs as expected in your application.

Our deep drawing quality niobium strip is manufactured using a unique rolling schedule that ensures ideal performance in deep drawing applications such as stamping cans or drawing cups. Through years of experience, we have developed a process that focuses on the perfect balance between grain size and mechanical properties.

In addition, niobium strip can be used to create colored jewelry. Edgetech can provide a bright surface finish that is ideal for such applications involving anodizing.

Niobium Foil

Specifications of our Niobium Strip & Foil

Specification: As per ASTM B393

Material: R04200, R04210, 99.9% pure
Size: Thickness: 0.001”- 0.1875” x Width: < 6” x Length   

Niobium Strip and Foil Applications

-Sodium Vapor Lamps

-Superconducting Materials

-Beams and Girders in Buildings and Offshore Drilling Towers

-Special Industrial Machinery

-Oil and Gas Pipelines

-Railway Equipment


Niobium Foil, Strip, and Ribbon Packaging

Niobium foil, ribbon, strip will be carefully placed in wooden boxes or cartons with additional support with soft materials to prevent any shifting during transportation. This packaging method ensures the integrity of the product throughout the delivery process.

Niobium Plate
Niobium Plate
Niobium Sheet
Niobium Sheet
Molybdneum strip5

Edgetech Industries LLC provides pure niobium and niobium alloys in a wide variety of products:

Pure metal (R04200, R04210): niobium foil, sheet, strip, plate, rod, bar, wire, tube, pipe, ring, mesh, customized niobium parts (crucible, flange, fasteners), etc.

Niobium Alloys:

Niobium Zirconium Alloy: foil, sheet, plate, tube, rod, bar, wire, crucible, etc.

Niobium Hafnium Alloy: foil, sheet, plate, tube, rod, bar, wire, crucible, etc.

Other Niobium Products:

Platinized Niobium Mesh Anode, Platinized Niobium Wire, Rod, Plate and Mesh customized parts.

We supply shaped and machined parts in pure niobium metal, Niobium Zirconium Alloys, and Niobium Hafnium Alloys. Custom parts can be tailored according to drawings, please send your drawings to