Nitinol Plates are available in superelastic (no memory) and SMA (shape memory) formulations

Edgetech Industries LLC offers nitinol plates (nickel-titanium alloy plate, shape memory alloy plate, superelastic alloy plates) with different Af point, allowing for a customization of alloy compositions, heat treatment conditions, surface finishes, loading plateaus, and tensile strengths.
Nitinol plate is ideal for laser cutting, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and photo etching, enabling the creation of detailed, small scaled structures. Nitinol in sheet form, giving designers more opportunities to work with Nitinol. Using flat substrates allows for the rapid production of small components nested within sheets, or the ability to create large and unique structures that would not be possible when starting from wire or tubing.

Product Name

Nitinol Plate


Nickel: 54.5-57 wt%, Balance: Ti


≥0.2” x W x L

Af Temperature

-10℃ to 110℃


Pickled, or polished

Nitinol is known for its thermomechanical properties of superelasticity and shape memory effect. Shape memory refers to the ability of nickel-titanium alloys to deform at a certain temperature and then return to their original formed shape when heated above their transformation temperature. Superelasticity occurs in a narrow temperature range slightly above its transformation temperature; in this case, no heating is required to restore the formed shape, and the material exhibits enormous elasticity, about 10-30 times that of ordinary metals.

Chemical typical

Nickel: 55 – 56%

Titanium: 44 – 45%

Physical properties

Density: 0.2633 lb/in3, 6.45 g/cm3

Melting point: 2930°F (1310°C)

Resistivity: 0-cm

Austenitic: 82 x 1 o-6

Martensite: 76 x 1 o-6

Thermal conductivity, W/cm°C

Austenite: 0.18

Martensite: 0.086

Average coefficient of thermal expansion, in/in/°F (µm/m·K), 80 – 200 °F (27 – 93 °C)

Austenitic: 6.1 x 10·6 (11)

Martensite: 3.6 x 10·6 (6.6)


Modulus of elasticity, ksi (MPa)

Austenitic: 10.08 – 12.04 x 103 (75 – 83 x 103)

Martensite: 4.06 – 5.80 x 103 (28 – 40 x 103)

Yield Strength (0.2 Offset):

Austenitic: 28 – 100 KSI (195 – 690 MPa)

Martensite: 10 – 20 KSI (70-140 MPa)

Nickel Titanium Alloy (NITI) Applications

Heat engines, elastic glass frames, mechanical watch springs, temperature control systems, couplings, golf club inserts, biomedical and medical uses, mobile phone technology: retractable antennas, microphone booms.

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Packing information for our titanium nickel alloy sheet

Our nitinol sheets are mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the nitinol sheet during transportation and handling. We can provide vacuum pack for some high-precision nitinol parts.

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