Edgetech Industries LLC manufactures Nitinol rods from various grades of Nitinol alloys, commonly used in medical applications as well as a variety of other applications.

Medical grade Nitinol material contains nearly equal atomic weight percentages of nickel and titanium; the nickel content for surgical implants is specified at 54.5-57 wt% per ASTM F2063. Nitinol with different compositions and phase transition temperatures can be used in other applications.

Nitinol Rod specification

Product Name

Nitinol Rod


>0.2” Diameter

Af Temperature

-30 to 110


Black, Pickled, Polished

Other wire type

Rod , bar and other customized shape

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Nitinol threaded rods, nitinol cylinders, and nitinol rings can be machined from rods.

There are two main types of Nitinol: superelastic and shape memory, which are determined by the transition temperature. Superelastic Nitinol is cooler and Shape Memory Nitinol is warmer.
To help you choose the best nickel titanium alloy for your application, at Edgetech we have divided the superelastic and shape memory categories into grades with tighter temperature ranges.
Superelastic Nitinol is commonly used in medical devices. Superelastic grades have transition temperatures between -20°C and 22°C [-4°F and 71.6°F].

Shape memory Nitinol is commonly used in actuators and other industrial applications. Shape memory grades have transition temperatures between 22°C and 80°C [71.6°F and 176°F], with some grades above 85°C [185°F].

Packing information for our nitinol rod

Our nitinol rods are mostly packed in wooden crates, which can protect the products during transportation and handling.

We can also program custom shapes when heating nitinol rods, please send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com for any needs on titanium nickel alloy.