Nitinol rope is formed by winding several nitinol wires together.

Nitinol ropes demonstrate the superelastic properties of nitinol materials while also demonstrating the excellent flexibility, controllability, and miniaturization of stainless steel wire ropes.

Nitinol is known for its thermomechanical properties of superelasticity and shape memory effect. Shape memory refers to the ability of nickel-titanium alloys to deform at a certain temperature and then return to their original formed shape when heated above their transformation temperature. Superelasticity occurs in a narrow temperature range slightly above its transformation temperature; in this case, no heating is required to restore the formed shape, and the material exhibits enormous elasticity, about 10-30 times that of ordinary metals.

Mechanical Properties (Straight Annealed):

UTS (σᵦ), MPa [ksi]≥1000 [145.0]
Elongation (ε%)≥10
UPS (σload), MPa [ksi]≥350 [50.8]
Permanent set after 6% strain (%)≤0.5
Active Af (°C)-10-20

Typical Medical Applications: Guidewires, stents, shapeset parts, dental files, orthodontic archwires, etc.

* All mechanical testing conducted at 22°C±2°C per ASTM F2516-18


Black oxide
Light oxide (varies from golden yellow to brown)


Orthopedic Cable System
Orthodontic Instruments
Spinal Cable Systems

Structure and type of nitinol rope

StructureDiameter Range, mm [inch]Diameter Tolerance, mm [inch]
[0.00591~ 0.01181]
+0.03/-0 [+0.00118/-0]
[0.00787 ~ 0.01772]0.50~0.60
[0.01969 ~ 0.02362]
-0.03/-0 [-0.00118/-0]+0.06/-0 [+0.00236/-0]
[0.00709 ~ 0.01772]0.50~0.70
[0.01969 ~ 0.02756]0.80~1.20 [0.03150 ~ 0.04724]
-0.03/-0 [+0.00118/-0]+0.06/-0 [+0.00236/-0]+0.10/-0 [+0.00394/-0]

Packaging of Wires

Spool: wire must be wound evenly on the spools, without breaks or tangles;
Fixed Length: Edgetech can cut the wire at the customer’s requested length;
* Other packaging method could be discussed with Edgetech.

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