Platinum-rhodium wire is a commonly used metal material in chemical, electrical, ceramic, and other industries. Used as a component of high-temperature materials in thermocouple production. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high-temperature resistance, and good measurement stability in high-temperature places. We offer high-quality precious metal thermocouple wire products in various specifications. According to different industries, the wire diameter of platinum and rhodium wire is adjusted to suit different uses. Our company can provide platinum-rhodium wire below 0.1mm for rapid life temperature measurement. The softness and hardness of the platinum-rhodium wire can also be adjusted. The platinum-rhodium wire we provide users is generally electrically annealed soft wire, and we can also provide users with semi-rigid wire with a certain hardness value.

Thermocouple Wire Specifications:
at 0 °C
Resistance ratio
of heat
Tensile strength
Ductility (%)Melting point(°C)Density
Dia. (mm)Max continuous
operating temp. (°C)
Short termLong term
Type SPt90Rh18.11.16930343301835200.03~0.8114001600
Type RPt87Rh191.1563034330186519.60.03~0.8114001600
Type BPt70Rh181.13630480.233194517.60.03~0.8115001700
When requested, the wire is supplied in matched pairs that meet or exceed standard limits of error. The special-limits-of-error wire is supplied on request and must be ordered as matched pairs.

Packaging of Our Thermocouple Wire

Our wires are wrapped using ABS plastic shafts or aluminum shafts and then shipped in cartons. Will be tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. We provide all kinds of precious metal products, contact us at to submit an RFQ.