Erbium is a chemical element with the symbol Er and atomic number 68.

Natural erbium is a silvery-white solid metal when artificially isolated, and natural erbium is always chemically combined with other elements.

Erbium is another silvery-white metal with desirable optical properties that make them particularly suitable for laser applications. Erbium is one of the lanthanide rare earth elements. Pure erbium metal is malleable, flexible, and fairly stable in air. It oxidizes more slowly than some other rare earth metals. Common uses of erbium are as a photographic filter and as a metallurgical additive. Erbium is also used in nuclear technology. When alloyed with vanadium, erbium reduces hardness and improves machinability.

Erbium Metal Chunks

Symbol: Er

Atomic number: 68

Atomic weight: 167.259

Element category: lanthanide

Application of erbium

Erbium-doped glasses are simple laser optical amplifiers and erbium is also a key component of fibers for optical communications. Er: YAG laser is essential for laser surgery. Erbium is also used in a variety of other applications, such as neutron-absorbing control rods for nuclear reactors, glass colorants, cubic zirconia and porcelain, and cryogenic coolers.

Erbium Metal

Edgetech Industries provides various terbium metal products including:

Purity for our erbium metal
Reduced: Er/TREM: 99.9%, 99.99%, TREM: 99%, 99.5%

Irregular: powder, lump, chunk, granules, particles.

Solid: Ingot, block, sheet, plate, disc, rod, wire, pellets, sputtering target, and other customized parts.

Irregular Erbium Metal

We provide powder, lump, chunk, granules, and particles for irregular erbium.

Size range for each erbium product:

Powder: -100mesh, -200 mesh, -325mesh

Lump & Chunk: 1-100mm

Granules: 1-30mm

Particles: 1-10mm

Dendritic terbium: 1-100mm per production

Shaped Erbium Metal

We provide sheet, plate, ingot, rod, wire, cylinder, block, disc, and sputtering targets for shaped erbium.

Erbium Metal Target

Size range for each erbium metal product:

Foil: 0.1mm min thick x 5-200mm width x L

Sheet & Plate: 0.5mm-40mm Thick x 10-150mm Width x 10-300mm Length

Rod, Wire, Cylinder, Pellets: 0.5mm-12mm diameter x 10mm min Length

Round erbium sputtering target or disc:

Diameter: <18”, Thickness: >0.04”

Rectangular erbium sputtering target:

Length: <36”, Width: <12”, Thickness: >0.04”

Block & Ingot: Customized

Erbium Oxide

Erbium Oxide, also known as Erbia, is a light pink powder in appearance with a cubic crystal structure. Er2O3 is insoluble in water, but soluble in mineral acids. Erbium Oxide readily absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide from the air.

Purity of our Erbium Oxide

Er2O3/TREO: 3N, 4N, 5N

Products of our Erbium Oxide

Er2O3 Powder

Nanoparticles (Nano Erbium Oxide powder)

Er2O3 Granules, Lump, Tablets

Erbium Oxide Sputtering Target


-Used as a colorant in glasses and porcelain enamel glazes. High-purity Erbium Oxide is widely applied as dopant in making optical fiber and amplifiers.

-Used as gate dielectrics in semiconductor devices due to its high dielectric constant and large band gap.

-Erbium Oxide nano-particles on carbon nano-tubes are used in biomedical applications due to its photoluminescent properties.

Erbium Fluoride

Erbium Fluoride (ErF3), also known as Erbium Trifluoride, Erbium (III) fluoride, Trifluoroerbium, is a crystalline ionic compound.

Purity of our Erbium Fluoride (ErF3)

Erbium Fluoride (ErF3), TREO>81%


Erbium Fluoride is widely used in optical coating, optical fiber doping, laser crystal, crystal materials, and laser amplifier.


Erbium Hexaboride (ErB6)

Purity: 99.5%

Products: Powder, Target, Cylinder

Erbium(III) chloride hydrate
Erbium(III) chloride, the erbium(III) salt of hydrochloric acid, is a violet solid used for the preparation of erbium metal.
Molar mass: 273.62 g/mol, 381.71 (hydrate)
Density: 4.1 g/cm³
Boiling point: 2,732°F (1,500°C)
Melting point: 1,429°F (776°C)
Appearance: violet hygroscopic monoclinic crystals (anhydrous); pink hygroscopic crystals (hexahydrate)
Solubility in water: soluble in water (anhydrous); slightly soluble in ethanol (hexahydrate)

Erbium(III) acetate hydrate
Erbium(III) acetate hydrate
(CH3CO2)3Er · xH2O, TREO: >35%
CAS Number: 207234-04-6
Molecular Weight: 344.39 (anhydrous basis)

 Erbium(III) carbonate hydrate
Erbium(III) carbonate hydrate
Er2(CO3)3·xH2O, TREO: >42%
CAS Number: 22992-83-2
Molecular Weight: 514.54 (anhydrous basis)

Erbium(III) nitrate pentahydrate
Erbium(III) nitrate pentahydrate

Er(NO3)3·xH2O, TREO: >40%
CAS Number: 10031-51-3
Molecular Weight: 443.35 (pentahydrate)

Erbium Oxalate
Erbium Oxalate, REO/TREO: 99.9%,99.99%
Formula: Er2(C2O4)3.10H2O
CAS No.: 30618-31-6
Molecular Weight: 778.57
Appearance: Pink crystalline
Solubility: Soluble in strong mineral acids
Stability: Slightly hygroscopic
Multilingual: ErbiumOxalat, Oxalate De Erbium, Oxalate Del Erbio
Erbium Oxalate is an important colorant in glasses and porcelain enamel glazes. The other main application is used for making halide lamps and ceramics.

Packaging of our erbium products

Erbium products are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

Specific available purity might be different from each product based on processing & inventory raw material.

Information required for a quote: material purity (REM & TREM / REO & TREO), size, and quantity. Please click here to send us inquiries. We will get back to you within 24 hours.