Neodymium is a chemical element with the symbol Nd and atomic number 60.

It is the fourth member of the lanthanide series and is considered one of the rare earth metals. It is a hard, slightly malleable silvery metal that tarnishes quickly with air and moisture.

Neodymium was originally used for coloring glass. It remains a popular eyeglass additive. Neodymium is also used to make some of the strongest permanent magnets. These magnets are widely used in electric motors, generators, and some other electronic products such as microphones, speakers, and computer hard drives. Neodymium is also used with other substrate crystals to make high-power infrared lasers.

Symbol: Nd

Atomic number: 60

Atomic weight: 144.242

Element category: lanthanide

Application of neodymium

The most important use of neodymium is to form alloys with iron and boron to make the strongest permanent magnets known. Today, neodymium magnets (Nd2Fe14B, NIB) are widely used in various industries. It is also very useful in cryocoolers and neodymium glass. For rare earth magnets, lasers, violet in glass and ceramics, neodymium glass, ceramic capacitors, and electric motors for electric vehicles.

Neodymium Sheet

Neodymium Metal

Edgetech Industries provides various neodymium metal products including:

Purity for our neodymium metal
Nd/TREM: 99.9%, TREM: 99%, 99.5%

Irregular: powder, lump, chunk, granules, particles.

Solid: Ingot, block, foil, sheet, plate, disc, rod, wire, pellets, sputtering target, and other customized parts.

Irregular Neodymium Metal

Neodymium Oxide

We provide powder, lump, chunk, granules, and particles for irregular neodymium metal.

Size range for each neodymium metal product:

Powder: -40mesh, -100mesh, -200 mesh, -325mesh

Lump & Chunk: 1-100mm

Granules: 1-30mm

Particles: 0.5-10mm


Shaped Neodymium Metal

We provide sheet, plate, ingot, rod, wire, cylinder, block, disc, sputtering target for shaped neodymium metal.

Size range for each neodymium metal product:

Foil: 0.2mm min thick x 10-200mm width x L

Sheet & Plate: 0.4mm-40mm Thick x 10-150mm Width x 10-300mm Length

Neodymium Metal Rod

Rod, Wire, Cylinder, Pellets: 0.5mm-12mm diameter x 3mm min Length

Round neodymium sputtering target or disc:

Diameter: <18”, Thickness: >0.04”

Rectangular neodymium sputtering target:

Length: <36”, Width: <12”, Thickness: >0.04”

Block & Ingot: Customized

Neodymium Oxide

Neodymium oxide is an oxide of rare earth elements. The appearance is a light gray-blue hexagonal crystal. Soluble in acid and water, it is an insoluble, thermally stable neodymium. We supply high-purity Nd2O3 in powder, granules, pellets, sputtering targets, and other custom forms.

Neodymium Oxide

Specifications of our Nd2O3

Nd2O3/TREO: 99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%

Nd2O3 Powder, Granules, Pellets, Disc

Nd2O3 Sputtering Target

Applications of Nd2O3

-Used in the production of various coloring pigments.

-Used to dope glass.

-Used to produce solid-state lasers and enamels

-Nd2O3 is used as a polymerization catalyst.

Neodymium Fluoride

Neodymium(III) fluoride, also known as neodymium trifluoride, is a crystalline ionic compound. They are commonly used in the manufacture of neodymium-magnesium alloys, glass, crystals and capacitors, and magnetic materials.

Purity of our Neodymium Fluoride

NdF3-TREO: > 81%

NdF3-3-12mm for PVD

99.999%, 5NProducts of our Neodymium Fluoride

(Anhydrous) powder

Granules for thin film coating

Applications of Neodymium chloride

-Glass, crystal and capacitors

-Neodymium metal and neodymium alloys

-Protective lenses for welding goggles

-Thin film coating

-CRT displays

Neodymium (III) Chloride

Neodymium(III) chloride (NdCl3) or neodymium trichloride is a purple powder that is stable at atmospheric pressure. Soluble in water, ethanol, ether, and chloroform. Its anhydrous form is a lavender powder that readily absorbs moisture from the air to become the purple hexahydrate.

Purity of our Neodymium (III) chloride

NdCl3 X xH2O (x=0/6)

TREO: > 81%

Products of our Neodymium (III) chloride

(Anhydrous) powder

Application of neodymium chloride

-Production of metallic neodymium: the most commonly used starting compound for the production of metallic metals

-Lasers and Fiber Amplifiers: It is not only a dopant for traditional silicon-based optical fibers, but also a dopant for plastic fibers (doped photoresist, polyimide, polyethylene, etc.).

-Catalysis: used to combine with organic compounds such as triethylaluminum, 2-propanol, titanium dioxide, etc.

-Anti-corrosion: Neodymium(III) chloride is a corrosion inhibitor that is environmentally friendly and has low toxicity.

-Marking of organic molecules: Neodymium has strong luminescence, so neodymium chloride is often used as a source of Nd3+ ions as a fluorescent marker in various physical and chemical reactions.

Neodymium Carbonate

Neodymium(III) carbonate hydrate

Nd2(CO3)3 X H2O

TREO: > 45%


99.9% trace metals basis

CAS Number 38245-38-4  

Linear Formula Nd2(CO3)3 · xH2O  

Molecular Weight 468.51 (anhydrous basis)

Neodymium Hydroxide

Nd(OH)3 X H2OTREO: > 40%


Neodymium(III) Nitrate

Neodymium(III) nitrate hexahydrate

TREO: > 40%


CAS Number 16454-60-7  

Linear Formula Nd(NO3)3 · 6H2O  

Molecular Weight 438.35  


Neodymium(III) oxalate hydrate

Nd2(C2O4)3 X H2O

TREO: >42%

CAS Number 28877-87-4

Linear Formula Nd2(C2O4)3 · xH2O

Molecular Weight 552.54 (anhydrous basis)

Packaging of our neodymium products

Neodymium products are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

Specific available purity might be different from each product based on processing & inventory raw material.

Information required for a quote: material purity (REM & TREM / REO &TREO), size, quantity. Please click here to send us inquiries. We will get back to you within 24 hours.