Thulium is a chemical element with the symbol Tm and atomic number 69.

It is the thirteenth and third last among the lanthanide elements.

Thulium has a bright silvery luster and is the second-rarest rare earth metal. Thulium metal is rare and expensive, so it has few commercial applications. Holmium-chromium-thulium triple-doped yttrium-aluminum garnet (Ho:Cr:Tm:YAG, or Ho,Cr,Tm:YAG) is an efficient active laser dielectric material. Thulium isotopes can be used as X-ray sources.

Application of thulium

Thulium is used as a radiation source in portable X-ray equipment, which is an important tool in medical and dental diagnostics. Thulium is also a component of lasers that emit in the microwave region, making them useful in military, medicine and meteorology.


Thulium Metal

Edgetech Industries provides various thulium metal products including:

Material: reduced thulium, distilled thulium metal (thulium sublimed dendritic)

Purity for our thulium metal
Reduced: Tm/TREM: 99.9%, 99.99%, TREM: 99%, 99.5%

Distilled: Tm/TREM: 99.9%, 99.99%, TREM: 99.9%

Irregular: powder, lump, chunk, granules, particles.

Solid: Ingot, block, sheet, plate, disc, rod, wire, pellets, sputtering target, and other customized parts.

Applications of Thulium Metal
Portable X-ray devices use thulium that has been bombarded in a nuclear reactor as a radiation source. Thulium-170 is also gaining popularity as an X-ray source for cancer treatment via brachytherapy. In addition, Holmium-chromium-thulium triple-doped Yttrium aluminum garnet is an active laser medium material.


Irregular Thulium Metal

We provide powder, lump, chunk, granules, particles for irregular thulium, materials include reduced thulium, distilled thulium metal.

Size range for each thulium product:

Thulium Metal Chunks

Powder: -100mesh, -200 mesh, -325mesh

Lump & Chunk: 1-100mm

Granules: 1-30mm

Particles: 1-10mm

Dendritic thulium: 1-100mm per production


Shaped Thulium Metal

We provide sheet, plate, ingot, rod, wire, cylinder, block, disc, sputtering target for shaped thulium, materials include reduced thulium, distilled thulium metal.

Size range for each thulium metal product:

Foil: 0.2mm min thick x 5-200mm width x L

Sheet & Plate: 0.5mm-40mm Thick x 10-150mm Width x 10-300mm Length

Rod, Wire, Cylinder, Pellets: 0.6mm-12mm diameter x 10mm min Length

Round thulium sputtering target or disc:

Diameter: <18”, Thickness: >0.04”

Rectangular thulium sputtering target:

Length: <36”, Width: <12”, Thickness: >0.04”

Block & Ingot: Customized


Thulium oxide

Thulium oxide (Tm2O3) is a light green compound. Thulium oxide can be produced by burning metallic thulium in air, or by decomposing their oxysalts such as thulium nitrate. It is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Due to the nature of oxide compounds, thulium oxide does not conduct electricity. However, thulium oxide has several applications in fuel cells and oxygen generation systems.

Thulium Oxide Powder

Purity of our Thulium oxide

Tm2O3/TREO: 3N, 4N

Products of our Thulium oxide

Powder, Granules. Lump

Thulium oxide (Tm2O3) Sputtering Target


-Used in x-ray applications for blue and ultraviolet emissions.

-Used to make thulium metal.


Thulium fluoride

Thulium fluoride is a white powder, odorless and insoluble in water. It is a water-insoluble source of thulium used in oxygen-sensitive applications such as metal production.

Purity of our Thulium fluoride

Thulium fluoride

Tm2O3/TREO: 3N, 4N

Products of our Thulium fluoride

Thulium Fluoride Powder, Granules, Lump, Sputtering Target

Applications of Thulium fluoride

-Used as laboratory reagent

-Used in optical glasses

-Used in structural ceramics

-Used as catalysts

-Used in electrical components

-Used as photo-optical material

-Thulium fluoride can be used to make thulium metal.


Thulium Chloride hydrate
TmCl3 XH2O, TREO: >45%
Molecular Weight: 275.29 (anhydrous basis)
Products: Thulium Chloride anhydrous powder, Thulium Chloride hydrate


Thulium(III) acetate hydrate
Tm(C2H3O2)3 XH2O, TREO: >35%
Molecular Weight: 346.07 (anhydrous basis)


Thulium(III) carbonate hydrate
Tm2(CO3)3 XH2O, TREO: >42%
Molecular Weight: 346.07 (anhydrous basis)


Thulium(III) nitrate hydrate
Tm(NO3)3 XH2O, TREO: >40%
Molecular Weight: 445.03 (pentahydrate)


Thulium(III) oxalate
Tm2(C2O4)3 XH2O, TREO: >42%
Molecular Weight: 601.93


Packaging of our thulium metal

Thulium metals are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

Specifically, available purity might be different from each product based on processing & inventory of raw material.

Information required for a quote: material purity (REM & TREM / REO &TREO), size, and quantity. Please click here to send us inquiries. We will get back to you within 24 hours.