Edgetech Industries is a leading supplier of sputtering targets and thin film coating materials.

At Edgetech Industries, we offer thin film deposition materials for nearly every possible coating process. We offer over 1800 materials for thin film deposition processes.

Our inorganic, metallic and ceramic materials support all major OEM platforms and target configurations. With our expertise in thin film deposition, we are committed to providing innovative and customized products that meet your needs.

Our sputtering targets are available in virtually any shape, size and composition.

We offer a wide range of materials for PVD processes such as alloys, cermets, carbides, fluorides, nitrides, oxides, silicides, standard PVD precious metals, magnetic alloys and rare earth elements, among others.

ETI can work with you to design unique target configurations and develop materials for your application.

Our sputtering targets have high purity, good uniformity and large grain size, which ensures thin film uniformity and long target life.

Our product managers will help you adopt the correct disposal methods to protect your employees and the environment. As a materials and technology provider, we apply our expertise in thin film materials and global manufacturing capabilities to meet our customers’ first choices. Let us be your high-performance materials supplier to help you achieve total cost advantage.

Products by Material

Target by Name

Erbium Metal Sputtering Target with bonding
Europium disc
Cerium metal target
Titanium alloy target
Al2O3 sputtering target3
LaNiO3 sputtering target2 logo