Tantalum crucible is a high temperature resistant container made of tantalum metal. It is mainly used to hold materials in high-temperature furnaces and perform high-temperature melting, sintering, evaporation and other process operations. Tantalum crucible has the characteristics of high melting point, high hardness, low thermal expansion coefficient and good corrosion resistance. The crucible’s high melting point and hardness make it suitable for processing a wide range of materials, including refractory processing that requires high temperatures. It can maintain stable performance at high temperatures and has good corrosion resistance to various acids, alkalis, and salts, ensuring the purity and safety of the materials it processes. Its exceptional performance and durability make it a valuable addition to any high-temperature workflow.

Edgetech Industries is a trusted tantalum crucible supplier with decades of experience in the manufacture and sale of tantalum crucibles and other tantalum products.

Tantalum crucible has the ability to resist deformation and high temperature resistance. Typically, the material is R05200, but higher purity 99.95% or even 99.99% is available upon request. We can provide covered tantalum crucibles in various sizes, including seamless crucibles and welded crucibles. Please contact us for more details.

Specifications for our tantalum crucible


Tantalum crucible


Ta≥99.95% (R05200, R05400)




10-500mm OD x 10-500mm L


~16.6 g/cc


Finish turning, Polishing

The following crucibles are standard crucibles supplied by ETI. Other custom sizes also available upon request.

Diameter (mm)

Wall Thickness (mm)

Height (mm)

30 ~ 50

2 ~ 10

30 ~ 500

50 ~ 100

3 ~ 15

100 ~ 150

3 ~ 15

150 ~ 200

5 ~ 20

200 ~ 300

8 ~ 20

300 ~ 400

8 ~ 30

400 ~ 450

8 ~ 30

450 ~ 500

8 ~ 30

Tantalum crucible applications

-High-temperature smelting: In high-temperature furnaces, tantalum crucibles are used to hold metal or alloy materials for smelting

, remelting or purification. Due to their high melting point and excellent corrosion resistance, tantalum crucibles ensure the purity and safety of the material.

-Sintering and heat treatment: Tantalum crucible is used to heat and maintain the required temperature of the material during sintering and heat treatment. Due to its high hardness and low thermal expansion coefficient, tantalum crucible can withstand high temperatures and rapid heating, ensuring uniform heating of the material and sintering quality.

-Chemical reaction vessel: In chemical reactions, tantalum crucibles can be used as corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant containers to hold various chemical reagents and reaction materials such as acids, alkalis, and salts. Because tantalum crucible has excellent corrosion resistance, it can ensure the smooth progress of chemical reactions.

-Applications in special fields: In addition to the above applications, tantalum crucibles also have some applications in special fields, such as high-temperature nuclear fuel processing in the nuclear industry, high-temperature alloy smelting in the aerospace field, etc. In various fields, tantalum crucibles are used to contain various chemical reagents and reaction materials, such as acids, bases, etc. In these areas, the high temperature stability and corrosion resistance of tantalum crucibles make them an ideal choice.

Tantalum crucible packaging

Our tantalum crucibles are carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation.

TaW rod4
Tantalum Rod
Tantalum Container
Tantalum Part

Edgetech Industries provides Pure tantalum metal (Ta≥99.95%, R05200, R05400) with tantalum foil, strip, sheet, plate, bar, cylinder, wire, wire mesh, plate, expanded mesh, crucible, flange, fasteners, and complex parts etc.

We also supply Ta Alloys (tantalum-tungsten alloy, tantalum-niobium alloy, Ta-2.5W, Ta-10W; TaNb3, TaNb20, TaNb30, TaNb40) with strips, sheets, plates, blocks, tubes, rods, wires, and complex parts, etc.

We supply shaped and machined parts in pure tantalum and alloys. Custom parts can be tailored according to drawings, please send your drawings to sales@edge-techind.com.