Edgetech Industries LLC offers custom tantalum parts for highly corrosive media and other applications. Outstanding electrical resistance and excellent cold ductility are the main reasons 

why tantalum is used as tantalum containers in chemical environments such as sulfuric acid.

Processes for processing tantalum parts from tantalum ingots: rolling, forging, turning, welding, wire EDM, etc.

We produce tantalum containers and tantalum crucibles at competitive prices according to customers’ requirements or drawings. Tantalum processed parts are mainly used in the metallurgical industry, mechanical processing, and glass and ceramic industries. The raw material will be ASTM designated tantalum.

Our products for custom tantalum:

-Tantalum ring

-Tantalum flange

-Tantalum heater

-Tantalum fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws, washers)

-Customized tantalum and machined tantalum parts.

We can determine the following properties by adding various alloys:

-Physical properties (melting point, vapor pressure, density, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, heat capacity)

-Mechanical properties (strength, fracture behavior, ductility)

-Chemical properties (corrosion resistance, etching resistance)

-Processability (machinability, formability, weldability)

-Structure and recrystallization properties (recrystallization temperature, embrittlement tendency, aging effects, grain size)

Ta parts-tube+disc welding
Tantalum Part
Tantalum Part
Tantalum Part
Ta crucibles
Tantalum Crucible

Edgetech Industries provides Pure tantalum metal (Ta≥99.95%, R05200, R05400) with tantalum foil, strip, sheet, plate, bar, cylinder, wire, wire mesh, plate, expanded mesh, crucible, flange, fasteners, and complex parts etc.

We also supply Ta Alloys (tantalum-tungsten alloy, tantalum-niobium alloy, Ta-2.5W, Ta-10W; TaNb3, TaNb20, TaNb30, TaNb40) with strips, sheets, plates, blocks, tubes, rods, wires, and complex parts, etc.

We supply shaped and machined parts in pure tantalum and alloys. Custom parts can be tailored according to drawings, please send your drawings to sales@edge-techind.com.