Tantalum rods are cylindrical materials made of tantalum metal. It usually has a uniform diameter and length. This rod-shaped material usually possesses the unique properties of tantalum metal, such as high melting point, thermal stability and good corrosion resistance, and can be used in various industrial and technical applications. Our tantalum rods can be customized in sizes and grades as per customer requirements. To meet the diverse needs of structural design and engineering, we also offer various types of bars including flat, round, square and hexagonal bars.

In addition to commercial pure tantalum, Edgetech also supplies medical grade tantalum and tantalum alloys Ta2.5%W, Ta7.5%W, Ta10%W, Ta40% niobium (niobium).

Tantalum rods are typically supplied in compliance with the requirements of ASTM-B-365, ASTM-F-560, AMS 7848, ISO 13782, R05200, R05400, R05255, R05252, R05240.

Advantages of our tantalum rods and other tantalum products

Exceptional purity levels:

Our tantalum rods boast an impressive purity of 99.97%, ensuring top quality and performance in every application.

Optimize density:

Our tantalum rods are 99.5% dense, providing enhanced durability and reliability in harsh environments.

Production accuracy:

We follow strict standards in production to ensure reliable, precise performance in every tantalum rod we manufacture.

Customized solutions:

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we specialize in manufacturing tantalum rods specifically suited to your unique application.

Custom size:

In addition to our standard range, we also offer tailor-made sizes to perfectly suit your specific requirements.


Specification for our tantalum Rod & bar

Product NameTantalum RodTantalum bar
MaterialR05200, R05400, Ta-Nb3, Ta-Nb20, Ta-Nb40, Ta-2.5W (R05252), Ta-10W
SpecificationASTM B708, ASTM F560
Size:3.0-120mm Diameter x L4mm x 4mm to 100mm x 100mm x L
TemperAnnealed, Half annealed, Un-annealed
ProcessForging, Swaging, Drawing, etc.Forging, Rolled, Cutting, etc.


Tantalum Material Grades and Specifications

MaterialR05200, Electron beam or vacuum-arc cast tantalum
 R05400, Sintered tantalum
 R05255, Tantalum alloyed with 10% tungsten
 R05252, Tantalum alloyed with 2.5% tungsten
 R05240, Tantalum alloyed with 40% niobium
StandardASTM B365, Tantalum and Tantalum Alloy Rod and Wire
 ASTM F560, Unalloyed Tantalum for Surgical Implant Applications


Chemical Requirements for tantalum (Content, Max, Weight%)

ElementElectron-Beam Cast/Vacuum-Arc Cast R05200 Unalloyed TantalumSintered R05400 Unalloyed TantalumElectron-Beam Cast/Vacuum-Arc Cast R05255 90%Tantalum 10%TungstenElectron-Beam Cast/Vacuum-Arc Cast R05252 97.5%Tantalum 2.5%TungstenElectron-Beam Cast/Vacuum-Arc Cast R05240 60%Tantalum 40%Niobium
Nb0.1000.1000.1000.5035.0 – 42.0
W0.0500.0509.0 – 11.02.0 – 3.50.050


Tantalum and Tantalum Alloys Rod & Bar Mechanical Property (Annealed)

Material Tensile Strength/psi (MPa)≥Yield Strength/psi (MPa)≥Elongation (Standard 25.4mm)/%
Pure Ta25000 (172)15000 (103)25
Ta-2.5W Alloy40000 (276)28000 (193)20
Ta-10W Alloy70000 (482)55000 (379)20
Ta-40Nb Alloy35000 (244)15000 (103)25


Advantages and Applications of Tantalum Materials

Tantalum Rectangular Bar

Material properties

Tantalum is a corrosion-resistant, high-melting-point, high-density metal. It has excellent corrosion resistance and has good resistance to corrosive media such as strong acid and strong alkali.

High melting point

Tantalum has a very high melting point of about 3017 degrees Celsius (5463 degrees Fahrenheit). This allows tantalum to remain stable in high-temperature environments, making it suitable for applications in high-temperature processes and special environments.

Thermal Conductivity

Tantalum has good thermal conductivity, which allows tantalum rods to be used in some applications that require high thermal conductivity, such as thermally conductive components in semiconductor manufacturing.

Mechanical behavior

Tantalum rods have moderate mechanical properties and can be tailored to meet the requirements of specific applications with appropriate processing and handling. This makes it very useful in manufacturing various industrial parts.

Tantalum rod packaging

Our tantalum rods are carefully processed to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to maintain the original quality of the product.

Tantalum Crucible & Wire
Tantalum Wire
Ta disc & target
Tantalum Disc
Tantalum Packing

Edgetech Industries provides Pure tantalum metal (Ta≥99.95%, R05200, R05400) with tantalum foil, strip, sheet, plate, bar, cylinder, wire, wire mesh, plate, expanded mesh, crucible, flange, fasteners, and complex parts etc.

We also supply Ta Alloys (tantalum-tungsten alloy, tantalum-niobium alloy, Ta-2.5W, Ta-10W; TaNb3, TaNb20, TaNb30, TaNb40) with strips, sheets, plates, blocks, tubes, rods, wires, and complex parts, etc.

We supply shaped and machined parts in pure tantalum and alloys. Custom parts can be tailored according to drawings, please send your drawings to sales@edge-techind.com.