Tantalum sheets are made from tantalum plates through a rolling process. They have the special properties of all tantalum materials and are used in various fields.

Edgetech Industries (ETI) is a leading global supplier of tantalum flakes, including medical grade tantalum flakes. We offer tantalum plates in various sizes with short delivery times. We have been supplying the highest quality Tantalum Plate for over a decade. Edgetech provides conflict-free materials in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Specification for our tantalum sheets

Product Name

Tantalum Sheet


R05200, R05400, Ta-Nb3, Ta-Nb20, Ta-2.5W (R05252), Ta-10W


ASTM B708, ASTM F560


5.0-10.0mm Thick x 30-1000mm width x < 2000mm Length


Annealed, As rolled, or customized

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Tantalum sheet production process

Tantalum sheets are almost entirely made using cold processing technology. Generally, 15-30cm tantalum ingots are cold forged into 8-10m thick slabs, and then the slabs are cold-rolled with a compression rate of over 95%. In commercial production, slabs are usually rolled by two or four rolling mills into 0.63-1.2cm thick plates, with widths generally ranging from 51 to 102cm. Rolling is typically performed at or near room temperature to prevent surface oxides from forming. When hot rolling is required, the temperature will rise to 1000°C due to recrystallization, and a violent oxidation reaction will occur.

Almost all thick tantalum sheets are annealed by vacuum heat treatment. Since there are no phase changes, the rates of heating and cooling are not important. It is further rolled using a conventional rolling mill, usually a four-high multi-roll mill.

Tantalum sheet grades

Our selection of tantalum sheets covers a variety of grades. Each is uniquely suited to meet different application needs.



Primary Applications


Unalloyed tantalum, pure, used primarily in chemical processing.

Chemical Processing Equipment, Semiconductor, Medical Devices, Laboratory Equipment


Unalloyed tantalum, similar to R05200 but with different manufacturing.

Chemical Processing Equipment, Semiconductor, Medical Devices, Laboratory Equipment


Tantalum alloyed with 2.5% tungsten, known for durability.

Industrial Processing, Energy Sector, Automotive Industry, Electrochemical Applications


Tantalum alloyed with 10% tungsten, enhanced strength.

Aerospace Components, Military Applications, Nuclear Reactors, High-temperature Industrial Processes


Tantalum alloyed with 40% niobium, highly corrosion-resistant.

Medical Devices, Electronics, Superconducting Technology, Space Exploration


Mechanical properties for tantalum sheet

Grade and thickness

Annealed (Regular temper)

Tensile strength
Min, psi (MPa)

Yield strength min,
psi (MPa)(2%)

Elongation min, %
(1 inch gage length)

Pure Ta Sheet (R05200, R05400)


30000 (207)

20000 (138)



25000 (172)

15000 (103)


Ta-10W (R05255) tantalum tungsten alloy sheet

Thickness<0.125″ (3.175mm)

70000 (482)

60000 (414)


Ta-2.5W (R05252) tantalum tungsten alloy sheet

Thickness<0.125″ (3.175mm)

40000 (276)

30000 (207)


Ta-40Nb (R05240) tantalum niobium alloy sheet


40000 (276)

20000 (138)



35000 (241)

15000 (103)



Tantalum and tantalum alloy sheet applications

-Used in the chemical industry for water purification or as a diffusion barrier in X-ray machines.

-Used to manufacture engine components, missile components, and spacecraft components.

-Used as components in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

-Used to handle strong acids and alkalis.


Tantalum sheet ordering information

Material orders under this specification shall include the following information:

Quantity (weight, number of pieces, or other appropriate measure of quantity)

UNS Grades (see Tantalum and Tantalum Alloys UNS Grades above)

Dimensions (thickness, width and length)

Supplementary and additional requirements to the specification (if any)


Packing information for our Tantalum Sheet

Our tantalum sheets are mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the product during transportation and handling. Carton is used for small sheets.

Tantalum Plates
Tantalum Plate
Ta Strip-in roll
Tantalum Strip
Ta sheet-inner packing

Edgetech Industries provides Pure tantalum metal (Ta≥99.95%, R05200, R05400) with tantalum foil, strip, sheet, plate, bar, cylinder, wire, wire mesh, plate, expanded mesh, crucible, flange, fasteners, and complex parts etc.

We also supply Ta Alloys (tantalum-tungsten alloy, tantalum-niobium alloy, Ta-2.5W, Ta-10W; TaNb3, TaNb20, TaNb30, TaNb40) with strips, sheets, plates, blocks, tubes, rods, wires, and complex parts, etc.

We supply shaped and machined parts in pure tantalum and alloys. Custom parts can be tailored according to drawings, please send your drawings to sales@edge-techind.com.