Edgetech Industries LLC (ETI) is a global supplier of various sputtering targets such as rare earth, pure metals, alloys, oxides, and ceramic materials. We carry sputtering materials to serve not only our R&D customers but also manufacturers in the ceramic, metallurgy, and electronic industries. ETI provides technical-grade materials for industries and high-purity chemicals (up to 99.99999%) for research institutes. We also offer a bonding service for our customers.

Targets by Applications and Markets

Targets by materials

  • Rare Earth
  • Sulfide Ceramic
  • Tellruide Ceramic
  • Nitride Ceramic
  • Carbide Ceramic
  • Boride Ceramic
  • Fluoride Ceramic
  • Silicide Ceramic
  • Selenide Ceramic
  • Oxide Ceramic
  • Alloys
  • Pure Metal

Product Listing

Pure Metal Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Aluminum (Al) Sputtering TargetAl4N, 5NInquiry
Aluminum Sputtering TargetAl4N, 5NInquiry
Antimony (Sb) Sputtering TargetAntimony (Sb)4N5~5NInquiry
Barium (Ba) Sputtering TargetBarium (Ba)4N-5NInquiry
Bismuth (Bi) Sputtering TargetBismuth (Bi)3N~5NInquiry
Boron (B) Sputtering TargetBoron (B)2N5Inquiry
Cadmium (Cd) Sputtering TargetCadmium (Cd)3N~5NInquiry
Calcium (Ca) Sputtering TargetCalcium (Ca)2N~3NInquiry
Chromium (Cr) Sputtering TargetCr3N5 – 4NInquiry
Cobalt (Co) Sputtering TargetCobalt (Co)3N~4NInquiry
Copper (Cu) Sputtering TargetCu4N,5NInquiry
Germanium (Ge) Sputtering TargetGe5NInquiry
Gold (Au) Sputtering TargetAu4N, 5NInquiry
Graphite (C) Sputtering TargetGraphite (C)4N~5NInquiry
Hafnium (Hf) Sputtering TargetHafnium (Hf)3N~3N5Inquiry
Indium Sputtering TargetIn4N, 5NInquiry
Iridium (Ir) Sputtering TargetIr3NInquiry
Iron (Fe) Sputtering TargetIron (Fe)3N~3N5Inquiry
Lead (Pb) Sputtering TargetLead (Pb)3N~4NInquiry
Magnesium (Mg) Sputtering TargetMagnesium (Mg)3N~4NInquiry
Manganese Sputtering TargetManganese (Mn)2N5~3N5Inquiry
Molybdenum (Mo) Sputtering TargetMo3N5, 4NInquiry
Nickel (Ni) Sputtering TargetNi3N, 3N5, 4NInquiry
Niobium (Nb) Sputtering TargetNb3NInquiry
Palladium (Pd) Sputtering TargetPd3N5, 4NInquiry
Platinum (Pt) Sputtering TargetPt3N5, 4NInquiry
Rhenium Sputtering TargetRhenium (Re)3N~3N5Inquiry
Rhodium (Rh) Sputtering TargetRh3NInquiry
Ruthenium (Ru) Sputtering TargetRu2N8, 3N, 3N8Inquiry
Selenium (Se) Sputtering TargetSelenium (Se)3N~5NInquiry
Silicon (P-type) Sputtering TargetSilicon(P-type) (Si)3N~5NInquiry
Silicon (Si) Sputtering TargetSi4N-5NInquiry
Silicon Sprayed Sputtering TargetSi4NInquiry
Silicon(N-type) Sputtering TargetSilicon(N-type) (Si)3N~5NInquiry
Silver (Ag) Sputtering TargetAg3N7~5NInquiry
Silver Sputtering TargetAg3N7~5NInquiry
Strontium (Sr) Sputtering TargetStrontium (Sr)2N5~3NInquiry
Tantalum (Ta) Sputtering TargetTa3N5,4NInquiry
Tellurium (Te) Sputtering TargetTellurium (Te)3N~5NInquiry
Tin (Sn) Sputtering TargetSn5NInquiry
Titanium (Ti) Sputtering TargetsTi3N, 4N, 4N5, 5NInquiry
Tungsten (W) Sputtering TargetW3N5, 5NInquiry
Vanadium (V) Sputtering TargetVanadium (V)2N5~3NInquiry
Zinc (Zn) Sputtering TargetZinc (Zn)3N~4N5Inquiry
Zirconium (Zr) Sputtering TargetZirconium (Zr)2N5~3N5Inquiry
Alloys Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Aluminum Chromium (Al/Cr) Alloy Sputtering TargetAluminum Chromium (Al/Cr Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Aluminum Cobalt (Al/Co) Alloy Sputtering TargetAluminum Cobalt (Al/Co Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Aluminum Copper Alloy Sputtering TargetAluminum Copper (Al/Cu Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Aluminum Magnesium (Al/Mg) Alloy Sputtering TargetAluminum Magnesium (Al/Mg Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Aluminum Nickel (Al/Ni) Alloy Sputtering TargetAluminum Nickel (Al/Ni Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Aluminum Silicon (Al/Si) Alloy Sputtering TargetAluminum Silicon (Al/Si Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Aluminum Silicon Copper (Al/Si/Cu) Alloy Sputtering TargetAluminum Silicon Copper (Al/Si/Cu Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Aluminum Titanium (Al/Ti) Alloy Sputtering TargetAluminum Titanium (Al/Ti Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Chromium Aluminum (Cr/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetChromium Aluminum (Cr/Al Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Chromium Cobalt (Cr/Co) Alloy Sputtering TargetChromium Cobalt (Cr/Co Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Chromium Copper (Cr/Cu) Alloy Sputtering TargetChromium Copper (Cr/Cu Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Chromium Molybdenum (Cr/Mo) Alloy Sputtering TargetChromium Molybdenum (Cr/Mo Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Chromium Nickel (Cr/Ni) Alloy Sputtering TargetChromium Nickel (Cr/Ni Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Chromium Titanium (Cr/Ti) Alloy Sputtering TargetChromium Titanium (Cr/Ti Alloy)3N~4N5Inquiry
Chromium Vanadium (Cr/V) Alloy Sputtering TargetChromium Vanadium (Cr/V Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Cobalt Aluminum (Co/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetCobalt Aluminum (Co/Al Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Cobalt Chromium (Co/Cr) Alloy Sputtering TargetCobalt Chromium (Co/Cr Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Cobalt Iron (Co/Fe) Alloy Sputtering TargetCobalt Iron (Co/Fe Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Cobalt Nickel (Co/Ni) Alloy Sputtering TargetCobalt Nickel (Co/Ni Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Cobalt Nickel Chromium (Co/Ni/Cr) Alloy Sputtering TargetCobalt Nickel Chromium (Co/Ni/Cr Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Cobalt Titanium (Co/Ti) Alloy Sputtering TargetCobalt Titanium (Co/Ti Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Cobalt Tungsten (Co/W) Alloy Sputtering TargetCobalt Tungsten (Co/W Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Copper Aluminum (Cu/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetCopper Aluminum (Cu/Al Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Copper Chrome Alloy Sputtering TargetCopper Chrome (Cu/Cr Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Copper Cobalt (Cu/Co) Alloy Sputtering TargetCopper Cobalt (Cu/Co Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Copper Gallium (Cu/Ga) Sputtering TargetCuGa4NInquiry
Copper Germanium (Cu/Ge) Alloy Sputtering TargetCopper Germanium (Cu/Ge Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Copper Indium (Cu/In) Alloy Sputtering TargetCopper Indium (Cu/In Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Copper Nickel (Cu/Ni) Alloy Sputtering TargetCopper Nickel (Cu/Ni Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Copper Zinc (Cu/Zn) Alloy Sputtering TargetCopper Zinc (Cu/Zn Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Gold Antimony (Au/Sb) Alloy Sputtering TargetAuSb alloys4N, 5NInquiry
Gold Arsenic (Au/As) Alloy Sputtering TargetAuAs alloys4N, 5NInquiry
Gold Germanium (Au/Ge) Alloy Sputtering TargetAuGe alloys4N, 5NInquiry
Gold Tin (Au/Sn) Alloy Sputtering TargetAuSn alloys4N, 5NInquiry
Indium Tin (In/Sn) Alloy Sputtering TargetInSn3NInquiry
Iron Aluminum (Fe/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetIron Aluminum (Fe/Al Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Iron Chromium (Fe/Cr) Alloy Sputtering TargetIron Chromium (Fe/Cr Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Iron Manganese (Fe/Mn) Alloy Sputtering TargetIron Manganese (Fe/Mn Alloy)3NInquiry
Iron Nickel (Fe/Ni) Alloy Sputtering TargetIron Nickel (Fe/Ni Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Manganese Copper (Mn/Cu) Alloy Sputtering TargetManganese Copper (Mn/Cu Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Manganese Nickel (Mn/Ni) Alloy Sputtering TargetManganese Nickel (Mn/Ni Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Molybdenum Aluminium (Mo/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Aluminium (Mo/Al Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Molybdenum Chromium (Mo/Cr) Alloy Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Chromium (Mo/Cr Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Molybdenum Titanium (Mo/Ti) Alloy Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Titanium (Mo/Ti Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Nickel Chromium (Ni/Cr) Alloy Sputtering TargetNiCr2N8, 3N5Inquiry
Nickel Chromium Aluminum (Ni/Cr/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetNickel Chromium Aluminum (Ni/Cr/Al Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Nickel Chromium Silicon (Ni/Cr/Si) Alloy Sputtering TargetNickel Chromium Silicon (Ni/Cr/Si Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry

Nickel Copper (Ni/Cu) Alloy Sputtering Target

Nickel Copper (Ni/Cu Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Nickel Iron (Ni/Fe) Alloy Sputtering TargetNiFe alloys3NInquiry
Nickel Manganese (Ni/Mn) Alloy Sputtering TargetNickel Manganese (Ni/Mn Alloy)3NInquiry
Nickel Platinum (Ni/Pt) Alloy Sputtering TargetNiPt alloys3N / 4N+Inquiry
Nickel Titanium (Ni/Ti) Alloy Sputtering TargetNiTi alloys3N5Inquiry
Nickel Tungsten (Ni/W) Alloy Sputtering TargetNickel Tungsten (Ni/W Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Nickel Vanadium (Ni/V) Alloy Sputtering TargetNiV alloys2N8, 3N, 3N5Inquiry
Nickel Zirconium (Ni/Zr) Alloy Sputtering TargetNickel Zirconium (Ni/Zr Alloy)3NInquiry
Silicon Aluminum (Si/Al) Sprayed Sputtering TargetSiAl3NInquiry
Silver (Ag) Alloys Sputtering TargetAg alloys3N7, 4NInquiry
Tantalum Aluminium (Ta/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetTaAl alloys3N5Inquiry
Tantalum Molybdenum (Ta/Mo) Alloy Sputtering TargetTantalum Molybdenum (Ta/Mo Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Tin Zinc (Sn/Zn) Alloy Sputtering TargetTin Zinc (Sn/Zn Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Titanium Aluminum (Ti/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetTitanium Aluminum (Ti/Al Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Titanium Aluminum Vanadium (Ti/Al/V) Alloy Sputtering TargetTitanium Aluminum Vanadium (Ti/Al/V Alloy)3NInquiry
Titanium Chromium (Ti/Cr) Alloy Sputtering TargetTitanium Chromium (Ti/Cr Alloy)3N~4N5Inquiry
Titanium Cobalt (Ti/Co) Alloy Sputtering TargetTitanium Cobalt (Ti/Co Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Titanium Nickel (Ti/Ni) Alloy Sputtering TargetTitanium Nickel (Ti/Ni Alloy)3N~4NInquiry
Titanium Tungsten (Ti/W) Alloy Sputtering TargetTitanium Tungsten (Ti/W Alloy)3N~3N5Inquiry
Tungsten Titanium (W/Ti) Alloy Sputtering TargetsWTi alloys4N5Inquiry
Vanadium Aluminum (V/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetVanadium Aluminum (V/Al Alloy)3NInquiry
Vanadium Chromium (V/Cr) Alloy Sputtering TargetVanadium Chromium (V/Cr)3NInquiry
Vanadium Titanium (V/Ti) Alloy Sputtering TargetVanadium Titanium (V/Ti Alloy)3NInquiry
Vanadium Tungsten (V/W) Alloy Sputtering TargetVanadium Tungsten (V/W Alloy)3NInquiry
Zinc Aluminum (Zn/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetZnAl sprayed3NInquiry
Zinc Aluminum (Zn/Al) Alloy Sputtering TargetZnAl cast4NInquiry
Zinc Copper (Zn/Cu) Alloy Sputtering TargetZinc Copper (Zn/Cu Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Zinc Tin (Zn/Sn) Alloy Sputtering TargetZinc Tin ( Zn/Sn Alloy)3N~5NInquiry
Zirconium Copper (Zr/Cu) Alloy Sputtering TargetZirconium Copper (Zr/Cu Alloy)2N5~3N5Inquiry
Zirconium Nickel (Zr/Ni) Alloy Sputtering TargetZirconium Nickel (Zr/Ni Alloy)2N5-3N5Inquiry
Zirconium Titanium (Zr/Ti) Alloy Sputtering TargetZirconium Titanium ( Zr/Ti Alloy)2N5~3N5Inquiry
Zirconium Tungsten (Zr/W) Alloy Sputtering TargetZirconium Tungsten (Zr/W Alloy)2N5~3N5Inquiry

Rare Earth Sputtering Targets

Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Aluminum Scandium (Sc/Al Alloy) Sputtering TargetScandium Aluminum (Sc/Al Alloy)REM: 3N~4NInquiry
Cerium (Ce) Sputtering TargetCerium (Ce)REM: 3NInquiry
Cerium Boride (CeB6) Sputtering TargetCerium Boride (CeB6)3N~4NInquiry
Cerium Fluoride (CeF3) Sputtering TargetCerium Fluoride (CeF3)3N~4NInquiry
Cerium Gadolinium (CeGd) Alloy Sputtering TargetCerium Gadolinium (Ce/Gd Alloy)REM: 3N~4NInquiry
Cerium Oxide (CeO2) Sputtering TargetCerium Oxide (CeO2)REO:3N~4NInquiry
Cerium Samarium (Ce/Sm) Alloy Sputtering TargetCerium Samarium (Ce/Sm Alloy)REM: 3NInquiry
Distilled Scandium (Sc) Sputtering TargetDistilled Scandium (Sc)REM: 4NInquiry
Distilled Yttrium (Y) Sputtering TargetDistilled Yttrium (Y)REM: 3N5~4NInquiry
Dysprosium (Dy) Sputtering TargetDysprosium (Dy)REM:2N5~3NInquiry
Dysprosium Fluoride (DyF3) Sputtering TargetDysprosium Fluoride (DyF3)3N~4NInquiry
Dysprosium Oxide (Dy2O3) Sputtering TargetDysprosium Oxide (Dy2O3)REO: 3N~4NInquiry
Erbium (Er) Sputtering TargetErbium (Er)REM:3NInquiry
Erbium Fluoride (ErF3) Sputtering TargetErbium Fluoride (ErF3)3N~3N5Inquiry
Erbium Oxide (Er2O3) Sputtering TargetErbium Oxide (Er2O3)REO: 3N~4NInquiry
Europium (Eu) Sputtering TargetEuropium (Eu)REM: 3NInquiry
Europium Oxide (Eu2O3) Sputtering TargetEuropium Oxide (Eu2O3)REO: 3N~4NInquiry
Gadolinium (Gd) Sputtering TargetGadolinium (Gd)REM:3N~4NInquiry
Gadolinium Fluoride (GdF3) Sputtering TargetGadolinium Fluoride (GdF3)3NInquiry
Gadolinium Oxide (Gd2O3) Sputtering TargetGadolinium Oxide (Gd2O3)REO:3N~4NInquiry
Holmium Oxide ProductHolmium Oxide (Ho2O3)REO: 3N~4NInquiry
Lanthanum (La) Sputtering TargetLanthanum (La)2N5~3NInquiry
Lanthanum Aluminate (LaAlO3) Sputtering TargetLanthanum Aluminate (LaAlO3)3NInquiry
Lanthanum Boride (LaB6) Sputtering TargetLanthanum Boride (LaB6)REO: 3NInquiry
Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3) Sputtering TargetLanthanum Fluoride (LaF3)3N~4NInquiry
Lanthanum Manganate (LaMnO3) Sputtering TargetLanthanum Manganate (LaMnO3)3NInquiry
Lanthanum Nickel Oxide (LaNiO3) Sputtering TargetLanthanum Nickel Oxide (LaNiO3)3NInquiry
Lanthanum Niobium Oxide (LaNbO3) Sputtering TargetLanthanum Niobium Oxide (LaNbO3)3NInquiry
Lanthanum Oxide (La2O3) Sputtering TargetLanthanum Oxide (La2O3)REO:3N~4NInquiry
Lanthanum Titanate (LaTiO3) Sputtering TargetLanthanum Titanate (LaTiO3)3NInquiry
Lanthanum Vanadium Oxide (LaVO3) Sputtering TargetLanthanum Vanadium Oxide (LaVO3)3NInquiry
Lutetium (Lu) Sputtering TargetLutetium (Lu)REM: 3N~4NInquiry
Lutetium Oxide (Lu2O3) Sputtering TargetLutetium Oxide (Lu2O3)REO: 3N~4NInquiry
Neodymium (Nd) Sputtering TargetNeodymium (Nd)REM: 3N~3N5Inquiry
Neodymium Boride (NdB6) Sputtering TargetNeodymium Boride3N~3N5Inquiry
Neodymium Oxide (Nd2O3) Sputtering TargetNeodymium Oxide (Nd2O3)REO: 3N~4NInquiry
Praseodymium (Pr) Sputtering TargetPraseodymium (Pr)REM: 2N5~3NInquiry
Praseodymium Calcium Manganate (Pr/Ca/Mn/O) Sputtering TargetPr/Ca/Mn/O3NInquiry
Praseodymium Oxide (Pr6O11) Sputtering TargetPraseodymium Oxide (Pr6O11)REO: 3N~4NInquiry
Samarium (Sm) Sputtering TargetSamarium (Sm)REM: 3NInquiry
Samarium Cobalt (SmCo5) Alloy Sputtering TargetSamarium Cobalt Alloy (SmCo5)REM: 3NInquiry
Samarium Fluoride (SmF3) Sputtering TargetSamarium Fluoride (SmF3)3N~3N5Inquiry
Samarium Oxide (Sm2O3) Sputtering TargetSamarium Oxide (Sm2O3)REO: 3N~4NInquiry
Scandium (Sc) Sputtering TargetScandium (Sc)REM:3NInquiry
Scandium Fluoride (ScF3) Sputtering TargetScandium Fluoride (SF3)3N~4NInquiry
Scandium Oxide (Sc2O3) Sputtering TargetsScandium Oxide (Sc2O3)REO:3N~4NInquiry
Terbium (Tb) Sputtering TargetTerbium (Tb)REM: 3NInquiry
Terbium Fluoride (TbF3) Sputtering TargetTerbium Fluoride (TbF3)3NInquiry
Terbium Oxide (Tb4O7) Sputtering TargetTerbium Oxide (Tb4O7)REO:3N~4NInquiry
Thulium (Tm) Sputtering TargetThulium (Tm)REM: 3NInquiry
Thulium Oxide (Tm2O3) Sputtering TargetThulium Oxide (Tm2O3)REO: 3N~4NInquiry

Ytterbium (Yb) Sputtering Target

Ytterbium (Yb)REM:2N5~3NInquiry
Ytterbium Fluoride (YbF3) Sputtering TargetYtterbium Fluoride (YbF3)3N~4NInquiry
Ytterbium Oxide (Yb2O3) Sputtering TargetYtterbium Oxide (Yb2O3)REO: 3N~4NInquiry
Yttrium (Y) Sputtering TargetYttrium (Y)REM: 3NInquiry
Yttrium Fluoride (YF3) Sputtering TargetsYttrium Fluoride (YF3)3N~4NInquiry
Yttrium Oxide (Y2O3) Sputtering TargetYttrium Oxide (Y2O3)REO:3N~4NInquiry
Oxide Ceramic Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) Sputtering TargetAluminum Oxide (Al2O3)4NInquiry
Antimony Doped Tin Oxide (ATO) Sputtering TargetAntimony Doped Tin Oxide (ATO)3N~4NInquiry
Antimony Oxide (Sb2O3) Sputtering TargetAntimony Oxide (Sb2O3)3NInquiry
Barium Strontium Titanate (Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3) Sputtering TargetBarium Strontium Titanate (Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3)3NInquiry
Barium Titanate (BaTiO3) Sputtering TargetBarium Titanate (BaTiO3)3N~4NInquiry
Barium Zirconate (BaZrO3) Sputtering TargetBarium Zirconate (BaZrO3)3NInquiry
Bismuth Ferrite (Bi3Fe5O12) Sputtering TargetBismuth Ferrite (Garnet, Bi3Fe5O12)3N~4NInquiry
Bismuth Oxide (Bi2O3) Sputtering TargetBismuth Oxide (Bi2O3)3N~4NInquiry
Bismuth Titanate (Bi4Ti3O12) Sputtering TargetBismuth Titanate (Bi4Ti3O12)3NInquiry
Chromium Doped Silicon Monoxide (Cr-SiO) Sputtering TargetChromium Doped Silicon Monoxide (Cr-SiO)3N~4NInquiry
Chromium Oxide (Cr2O3) Sputtering TargetChromium Oxide (Cr2O3)2N5~4NInquiry
Cobalt Oxide (CoO) Sputtering TargetCobalt Oxide (CoO)3N~4NInquiry
Copper Aluminum Oxide (CuAlO2) Sputtering TargetCopper Aluminum Oxide (CuAlO2)3N~4NInquiry
Copper Oxide (CuO) Sputtering TargetCopper Oxide (CuO)3N~4NInquiry
Gallium Oxide Doped Zinc Oxide (GZO) Sputtering TargetGallium Oxide Doped Zinc Oxide (GZO)3N~4NInquiry
Hafnium Oxide (HfO2) Sputtering TargetHafnium Oxide (HfO2)3N~4NInquiry
Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) Sputtering TargetIndium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZOx)3N~4NInquiry
Indium Iron Oxide (InFe2O4) Sputtering TargetIndium Iron Oxide (InFe2O4)3NInquiry
Indium Oxide (In2O3) Sputtering TargetIndium Oxide (In2O3)3N~4NInquiry
Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Sputtering TargetIndium Tin Oxide (ITO)3N~4NInquiry
Indium Zinc Oxide (IZO) Sputtering TargetIndium Zinc Oxide (IZO)3N~4NInquiry
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) Sputtering TargetIron Oxide (Fe2O3)3N~4NInquiry
Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) Sputtering TargetIron Oxide (Fe3O4)3N~5NInquiry
Lead Lanthanum Zirconium Titanate (PLZT) Sputtering TargetLead Lanthanum Zirconium Titanate (PLZT)3NInquiry
Lead Oxide (PbO) Sputtering TargetLead Oxide (PbO)3N~4NInquiry
Lead Titanate (PbTiO3) Sputtering TargetLead Titanate (PbTiO3)3NInquiry
Lead Zirconate (PbZrO3) Sputtering TargetLead Zirconate (PbZrO3)3NInquiry
Lead Zirconium Titanate (PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 ) Sputtering TargetLead Zirconium Titanate (PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3)3NInquiry
Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LiCoO2) Sputtering TargetLithium Cobalt Oxide (LiCoO2)3NInquiry
Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) Sputtering TargetLithium Niobate (LiNbO3)3NInquiry
Lithium Phosphate (Li3PO4) Sputtering TargetLithium Phosphate (Li3PO4)3N~3N5Inquiry
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Sputtering TargetMagnesium Oxide (MgO)3N~4NInquiry
Manganese Oxide (MnO) Sputtering TargetManganese Oxide (MnO)3NInquiry
Molybdenum Oxide (MoO3) Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Oxide (MoO3)3NInquiry
Nickel Oxide (NiO) Sputtering TargetNickel Oxide (NiO)3NInquiry
Niobium Oxide (NbO2, Nb2O3, Nb2O5, NbOx) Sputtering TargetNbO3N5, 4NInquiry
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Sputtering TargetSilicon Dioxide (SiO2)3N~4N5Inquiry
Silicon Monoxide (SiO) Sputtering TargetSilicon Monoxide (SiO)3N~4NInquiry
Strontium Ruthanate (SrRuO3) Sputtering TargetStrontium Ruthanate (SrRuO3)3NInquiry
Strontium Titanate (SrTiO3) Sputtering TargetStrontium Titanate (SrTiO3)3NInquiry
Strontium Zirconate (SrZrO3) Sputtering TargetStrontium Zirconate (SrZrO3)3NInquiry
Tantalum Oxide (Ta2O5) Sputtering TargetTantalum Oxide (Ta2O5)3N~4NInquiry
Tin Oxide (SnO2) Sputtering TargetTin Oxide (SnO2)3NInquiry
Titanium Dioxide Sputtering TargetTitanium Dioxide (TiO2)3N~4NInquiry
Titanium Monoxide (TiO) Sputtering TargetTitanium Monoxide (TiO)3NInquiry
Titanium Oxide (Ti2O3) Sputtering TargetTitanium Oxide (Ti2O3)3NInquiry
Titanium Oxide (Ti3O5) Sputtering TargetTitanium Oxide (Ti3O5)3NInquiry
Titanium Oxide (TiO2 ) Sputtering TargetTiO3N5, 3NInquiry
Titanium Oxide Sputtering TargetTiOx3N, 3N5Inquiry
Tungsten Oxide (WO3) Sputtering TargetTungsten Oxide (WO3)3NInquiry
Vanadium Oxide (V2O5) Sputtering TargetVanadium Oxide (V2O5)3NInquiry
Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Sputtering TargetYttria Fully Stabilized Zirconia3NInquiry
Zinc Aluminum Oxide (AZO) Sputtering TargetZnAlO3NInquiry
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Sputtering TargetZinc Oxide (ZnO)3N~5NInquiry
Zinc Oxide Alumina (AZO) Sputtering TargetZnAlO3NInquiry
Zinc Oxide with Alumina (AZO) Sputtering TargetZinc Oxide with Alumina (AZO)3N~4NInquiry
Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) Sputtering TargetZirconium Oxide (ZrO2)3N~4NInquiry
Sulfide Ceramic Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Barium Sulfide (BaS) Sputtering TargetBarium Sulfide (BaS)3NInquiry
Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) Sputtering TargetCadmium Sulfide (CdS)3N~5NInquiry
Chromium Sulfide (Cr2S3) Sputtering TargetChromium Sulfide (Cr2S3)3NInquiry
Germanium Sulfide (GeS) Sputtering TargetGermanium Sulfide (GeS)3N~4NInquiry
Indium Sulfide (In2S3) Sputtering TargetIndium Sulfide (In2S3)3N~5NInquiry
Iron Sulfide (FeS) Sputtering TargetIron Sulfide (FeS)3NInquiry
Lead Sulfide (PbS) Sputtering TargetLead Sulfide (PbS)3N~5NInquiry
Magnesium Sulfide (MgS) Sputtering TargetMagnesium Sulfide (MgS)3NInquiry
Manganese Sulfide (MnS) Sputtering TargetManganese Sulfide (MnS)3NInquiry
Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Disulfide (MoS2)2NInquiry
Silicon Sulfide (SiS2) Sputtering TargetSilicon Sulfide (SiS2)2N5~3NInquiry
Tantalum Sulfide (TaS2) Sputtering TargetTantalum Sulfide (TaS2)3NInquiry
Tin Sulfide (SnS2) Sputtering TargetTin Sulfide (SnS2)3NInquiry
Tungsten Sulfide (WS2) Sputtering TargetTungsten Sulfide (WS2)2N5Inquiry
Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Sputtering TargetZinc Sulfide (ZnS)3N~4NInquiry
Tellruide Ceramic Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Aluminium Telluride (AlTe) Sputtering TargetAluminium Telluride (AlTe)3N~5NInquiry
Antimony Telluride (Sb2Te3) Sputtering TargetAntimony Telluride (Sb2Te3)3N~5NInquiry
Bismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3) Sputtering TargetBismuth Telluride (Bi2Te3)3N~5NInquiry
Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Sputtering TargetCadmium Telluride (CdTe)3N~5NInquiry
Gallium Telluride Sputtering TargetGallium Telluride (Ga2Te3)3N~5NInquiry
Germanium Telluride (GeTe) Sputtering TargetGermanium Telluride (GeTe)3N~5NInquiry
Indium Telluride Sputtering TargetIndium Telluride (In2Te3)3N~5NInquiry
Lead Telluride (PbTe) Sputtering TargetLead Telluride (PbTe)3N~5NInquiry
Manganese Telluride Sputtering TargetManganese Telluride (MnTe)3N~3N5Inquiry
Molybdenum Telluride (MoTe2) Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Telluride (MoTe2)3N~5NInquiry
Niobium Telluride (NbTe2) Sputtering TargetNiobium Telluride (NbTe2)3N~5NInquiry
Nickel Telluride (NiTe) Sputtering TargetNickel Telluride (NiTe)3NInquiry
Tantalum Telluride (TaTe2) Sputtering TargetTantalum Telluride (TaTe2)3N~5NInquiry
Tin Telluride (SnTe) Sputtering TargetTin Telluride (SnTe)3N~4NInquiry
Tungsten Telluride (WTe2) Sputtering TargetTungsten Telluride (WTe2)3N~5NInquiry
Zinc Telluride (ZnTe) Sputtering TargetZinc Telluride (ZnTe)3N~5NInquiry
Nitride Ceramic Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Sputtering TargetAluminum Nitride (AlN)2N5~3NInquiry
Boron Nitride (BN) Sputtering TargetBoron Nitride (BN)2N5Inquiry
Chromium Nitride (Cr2N) Sputtering TargetChromium Nitride (Cr2N)2N5~3NInquiry
Germanium Nitride (Ge3N4) Sputtering TargetGermanium Nitride (Ge3N4)3NInquiry
Iron Nitride (FeN4) Sputtering TargetIron Nitride (FeN4)3NInquiry
Hafnium Nitride (HfN) Sputtering TargetHafnium Nitride (HfN)2N5Inquiry
Niobium Nitride (NbN) Sputtering TargetNiobium Nitride (NbN)2N5Inquiry
Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Sputtering TargetSilicon Nitride (Si3N4)2N5~3NInquiry
Tantalum Nitride (TaN) Sputtering TargetTantalum Nitride (TaN)2N5Inquiry
Titanium Nitride (TiN) Sputtering TargetTitanium Nitride (TiN)2N5Inquiry
Vanadium Nitride (VN) Sputtering TargetVanadium Nitride (VN)2N5Inquiry
Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) Sputtering TargetZirconium Nitride (ZrN)2N5Inquiry
Carbide Ceramic Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Boron Carbide (B4C) Sputtering TargetBoron Carbide (B4C)2N5Inquiry
Chromium Carbide (Cr3C2) Sputtering TargetChromium Carbide (Cr3C2)2N5Inquiry
Hafnium Carbide (HfC) Sputtering TargetHafnium Carbide (HfC)2N5Inquiry
Iron Carbide (Fe3C) Sputtering TargetIron Carbide (Fe3C)3NInquiry
Molybdenum Carbide (Mo2C) Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Carbide (Mo2C)2N5Inquiry
Niobium Carbide (NbC) Sputtering TargetNiobium Carbide (NbC)2N5Inquiry
Silicon Carbide (SiC) Sputtering TargetSilicon Carbide (SiC)2N5Inquiry
Tantalum Carbide (TaC) Sputtering TargetTantalum Carbide (TaC)2N5Inquiry
Titanium Carbide (TiC) Sputtering TargetTitanium Carbide (TiC)2N5Inquiry
Tungsten Carbide (WC) Sputtering TargetTungsten Carbide (WC)2N5~3NInquiry
Vanadium Carbide (VC) Sputtering TargetVanadium Carbide (VC)2N5Inquiry
Zirconium Carbide (ZrC) Sputtering TargetZirconium Carbide (ZrC)2N5Inquiry
Boride Ceramic Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Aluminum Boron (AlB2) Sputtering TargetAluminum Boron (AlB2)2N5Inquiry
Chromium Boride (CrB2) Sputtering TargetChromium Boride (CrB2)3NInquiry
Hafnium Boride (HfB2) Sputtering TargetHafnium Boride (HfB2)2N5Inquiry
Iron Boride (FeB) Sputtering TargetIron Boride (FeB)2N5Inquiry
Magnesium Boride Sputtering TargetMagnesium Boride (MgB2)3NInquiry
Molybdenum Boride (Mo2B5) Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Boride (Mo2B5)2N5Inquiry
Nickel Boride (Ni2B) Sputtering TargetNickel boride (Ni2B)2N5Inquiry
Tantalum Boride (TaB2) Sputtering TargetTantalum Boride (TaB2)2N5Inquiry
Titanium Boride (TiB2) Sputtering TargetTitanium Boride (TiB2)2N5Inquiry
Zirconium Boride (ZrB2) Sputtering TargetZirconium Boride (ZrB2)2N5Inquiry
Fluoride Ceramic Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Aluminum Fluiride (AlF3) Sputtering TargetAluminum Fluiride (AlF3)3N~4NInquiry
Barium Fluoride (BaF2) Sputtering TargetBarium Fluoride (BaF2)3N~4NInquiry
Cadmium Fuoride (CdF2) Sputtering TargetCadmium Fuoride (CdF2)3N~4NInquiry
Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) Sputtering TargetCalcium Fluoride (CaF2)3N~4NInquiry
Chromium Fluoride (CrF3) Sputtering TargetChromium Fluoride (CrF3)3NInquiry
Hafnium Fluoride (HfF4) Sputtering TargetHafnium Fluoride (HfF4)3NInquiry
Lithium Fluoride (LiF) Sputtering TargetLithium Fluoride (LiF)3NInquiry
Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) Sputtering TargetMagnesium Fluoride (MgF2)3N~4NInquiry
Manganese Fluoride (MnF2) Sputtering TargetManganese Fluoride (MnF2)3NInquiry
Sodium Aluminum Fluoride (Na5Al3F14) Sputtering TargetSodium aluminum Fluoride (Na5Al3F14)3N~3N5Inquiry
Sodium Fluoride (NaF) Sputtering TargetSodium Fluoride (NaF)3NInquiry
Strontium Fluoride (SrF2) Sputtering TargetStrontium Fluoride (SrF2)3NInquiry
Thorium Fluoride (ThF4) Sputtering TargetThorium Fluoride (ThF4)3N~4NInquiry
Tin Fluoride (SnF2) Sputtering TargetTin Fluoride (SnF2)3NInquiry
Titanium Fluoride (TiF3) Sputtering TargetTitanium Fluoride (TiF3)3NInquiry
Zinc Fluride (ZnF2) Sputtering TargetZinc Fluride (ZnF2)3N~4NInquiry
Zirconium Fluride (ZrF4) Sputtering TargetZirconium Fluride (ZrF4)3NInquiry
Silicide Ceramic Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Antimony Sulfide (Sb2S3) Sputtering TargetAntimony Sulfide (Sb2S3)3N~4NInquiry
Bismuth Sulfide (Bi2S3) Sputtering TargetBismuth Sulfide (Bi2S3)3N~4NInquiry
Calcium Sulfide (CaS) Sputtering TargetCalcium Sulfide (CaS)3N~3N5Inquiry
Copper Sulfide (CuS) Sputtering TargetCopper Sulfide (CuS)3N~3N5Inquiry
Chromium Silicide (CrSi2) Sputtering TargetChromium Silicide (CrSi2)2N5Inquiry
Hafnium Silicide (HfSi2) Sputtering TargetHafnium Silicide (HfSi2)2N5Inquiry
Iron Silicon (FeSi2) Sputtering TargetIron Silicon (FeSi2)3N~4NInquiry
Molybdenum Silicide (MoSi2) Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Silicide (MoSi2)2N5Inquiry
Niobium Silicide (NbSi2) Sputtering TargetNiobium Silicide (NbSi2)2N5Inquiry
Nickel Silicide (NiSi2) Sputtering TargetNickel Silicide (NiSi2)3NInquiry
Tantalum Silicide (TaSi2) Sputtering TargetTantalum Silicide (TaSi2)2N5Inquiry
Titanium Silicide (TiSi2) Sputtering TargetTitanium Silicide (TiSi2)2N5Inquiry
Tungsten Silicide (WSi2) Sputtering TargetTungsten Silicide (WSi2)2N5Inquiry
Zirconium Silicide (ZrSi2 ) Sputtering TargetZirconium Silicide (ZrSi2)3NInquiry
Selenide Ceramic Sputtering Targets
Product NameMaterialPurityInquiry
Bismuth Selenide (Bi2Se3) Sputtering TargetBismuth Selenide (Bi2Se3)3N~5NInquiry
Cadmium Selenide (CdSe) Sputtering TargetCadmium Selenide (CdSe)3N~5NInquiry
Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) Sputtering TargetCopper Indium Gallium Selenide3N~5NInquiry
Copper Indium Selenide (CIS) Sputtering TargetCopper Indium Selenide (CIS)3N~5NInquiry
Copper Selenide (CuSe) Sputtering TargetCopper Selenide (CuSe)3N~4NInquiry
Gallium Selenide (Ga2Se3) Sputtering TargetGallium Selenide (Ga2Se3)3N~5NInquiry
Germanium Selenide (GeSe2) Sputtering TargetGermanium Selenide (GeSe2)3N~4NInquiry
Indium Selenide (In2Se3) Sputtering TargetIndium Selenide (In2Se3)3N~5NInquiry
Lead Selenide (PbSe) Sputtering TargetLead Selenide (PbSe)3N~5NInquiry
Molybdenum Selenide (MoSe2) Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Selenide (MoSe2)3N~5NInquiry
Niobium Selenide (NbSe2) Sputtering TargetNiobium Selenide (NbSe2)3N~5NInquiry
Tantalum Selenide (TaSe2) Sputtering TargetTantalum Selenide (TaSe2)3N Inquiry
Titanium Selenide (TiSe2 ) Sputtering TargetTitanium Selenide (TiSe2)3N~4NInquiry
Tungsten Selenide (WSe2) Sputtering TargetTungsten Selenide (WSe2)3N~5NInquiry
Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Sputtering TargetZinc Selenide (ZnSe)3N-5NInquiry