We can use titanium mesh, titanium rods, titanium sheets, and titanium screws to assemble various products required by customers, such as titanium baskets, titanium mesh tubes, and various shapes of titanium electrodes. Here, three types of titanium mesh (titanium expanded mesh, wire mesh, and stamped mesh) are all useful and can be customized according to customer needs
We provide titanium mesh products without coating, and we also provide titanium mesh electrodes with MMO coating.

Titanium mesh anode Ru
Titanium Mesh Part
Titanium Expanded Mesh Basket
Titanium mesh basket
Titanium Stamped Mesh Basket
Titanium wire mesh tube
Titanium Wire Mesh Tube
Titanium Wire Mesh Basket
Titanium Mesh Articles

We can also provide custom titanium mesh and mesh articles, please send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com for any needs on titanium products.