Titanium mesh (stamped mesh) is made by stamping sheet, which is ASTM B265 specified commercial pure titanium sheet. The strength of alloyed titanium is too high to be stamped or expanded. The width of the mesh we can provide will be the same as the sheet, the length of the stamped mesh is the same as the sheet while the length of the expanded mesh depends on the opening & sheet size. 

Titanium has two most useful properties, unique corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. Titanium materials can be used in many fields, such as chemical and electronic industry. Titanium mesh is mostly used as titanium anode and filter elements in chlor-alkali industry and other chemistry industries.

Specifications for our titanium Stamped mesh

Item Name

Titanium Stamped Mesh


Gr1, Gr2 (CP Ti)




Circular Holes or other custom shapes. Opening size larger than Titanium sheet thickness.

Overall size

Max: 1m width x 2m Length Maximum

We can provide titanium sheet mesh which is expended from titanium sheet, titanium wire mesh that is weaved by titanium wire, and titanium stamped mesh with circular holes, minimum opening is 1mm diameter.  Titanium mesh baskets and MMO mesh anodes made from titanium mesh are also available.

Besides the listed specifications, other opening sizes and dimensions can be customized. We also provide titanium mesh with square and rectangle openings besides diamond opening mesh. A thin titanium mesh of 0.1mm is available now. Please send your specifications to sales@edge-techind.com.

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