Titanium wire can be used as lead wires for pacemakers, wool for bonding prostheses to bone, pins, fasteners, and screens for medical and dental products, aircraft and automotive springs, and on-board fuel filtration systems in satellites.

In addition, titanium wire is used as brush spines for cleaning heat exchangers, and cloth filters, corrosion-resistant rod is used for supports.

Edgetech Industries LLC has supplied customers with high-performance Ti wire with various grades and dimensions for years. We provide C.P. titanium and titanium alloy wire according to the customer’s requirements.

Below is the Titanium wire we can carry

Material GradeStandard specification
Commercially PureASTM B 348 Grades 1,2,3,4
AWS A5.16 ERTi 1,2,3,4
AMS 4951
AMS 4921
ASTM F 67 Grades 1,2,3,4
Ti Alloy 6Al 4VASTM B 348 Grade 5
AWS A5.16 ERTi 5
AMS 4954
Titanium Alloy 6Al 4V ELIASTM F 136
AMS 4956
AWS A5.16 ERTi 5 ELI
Titanium Alloy Ti 0.2PdASTM B 348 Grades 7 & 11
AWS A5.16 ERTi 7
Titanium Alloy Ti 0.3 Mo .8NiASTM B 348 Grade 12
AWS A5.16 ERTi 12
Titanium Alloy 5Al 2.5SnAMS 4953
AWS A5.16 ERTi 6
ASTM B 348 Grade 6
Titanium Alloy 3Al 2.5VASTM B 348 Grade 9
AWS A5.16 ERTi 9
Titanium Alloy Ti 6Al 7NbASTM F 1295

Specifications for our titanium wire

ProductTitanium and Titanium alloy wire
SizeStraight wire:
Dia.: 0.04″-0.2″ (tolerance: +/-0.002″) x 118″ max length
Coiled wire:
Dia.: 0.02″-0.2″ x L (customized)
Wire on spool
Spool diameter: around 300mm (12″) & 110mm for fine titanium wire
SurfaceBlack oxide, Pickled, Polished (for dia. >1mm)
ShapeStraight wire or Coiled wire (Close-packed and regular pack), on spool
Other titanium wireFlat wire, rectangular wire and square wire

Titanium Welding Wire & Rod

We also provide titanium welding wire & rods with different material grades and dimensions.

Grades of our titanium welding wire and rod

ERTi-1R50100AMS 4951Grade-10.03-0.100.0120.0050.08 
ERTi-2R50120AMS 4951Grade-20.08-0.160.0150.0080.12 
ERTi-3R50150AMS 4951Grade-30.13-0.200.0200.0080.16 
ERTi-4R50130AMS 4951Grade-40.18-0.320.0250.0080.25 
ERTi-5R56400AMS 4954Grade-50.12-0.200.0300.0150.22Al 5.5-6.5
V 3.5-5.5
ERTi-7R52401N/AGrade-70.08-0.160.0150.0080.12Pd 0.12-0.25
ERTi-12R53400N/AGrade-120.08-0.160.0150.0080.15Mo 0.6-0.9
Ni 0.2-0.4
ERTi-23R56408AMS 4956Grade-5 ELI0.03-0.110.0120.0050.20Al 5.5-6.5
V 3.5-5.5

Available Diameter, Type & Packing for titanium welding wire & rod:

Size (mm)Ф0.8Ф1.0Ф1.2Ф1.6Ф2.0Ф2.4Ф3.0Ф3.2Ф4.0Ф6.0
Size (inch)0.031″0.039″0.047″0.062″0.079″0.093″0.12″0.125″0.16″0.24″
Straight Titanium wireN/AN/AN/A
Spool Titanium wireN/AN/AN/AN/A
Coil Titanium wireN/AN/A

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Titanium rodTitanium, Titanium Wire Mesh

As 3D printing is a new field, many materials are used as raw materials. So does titanium, we provide titanium wire that is especially used for 3D printing.

Packing information for our Titanium Wire

Our titanium wire, welding wire, and rods are mostly packed in wooden crates, which can protect the goods during transportation and handling.

3D Printing titanium wire-gr5
3D Printing Wire
Grade 4 Titanium wire
Gr4 Titanium Wire
Titanium Straight Wire
Titanium wire on spool
Titanium Wire on Spool
Titanium wire inner packing
Titanium Wire Packing
Titanium wire packing
Titanium Wire Packing

We can also provide custom titanium, please send us your request to sales@edgetech-ind.com for any needs on titanium rolling products.