High-density tungsten alloys offer a unique combination of density, mechanical strength, processability, corrosion resistance and economy. These multifunctional materials offer clear advantages over traditional high-density materials such as lead or uranium. Incredible strength, consistent durability and lasting value – our high-density tungsten alloys (tungsten heavy alloys) are ideal for radiation shielding, counterweights and counterweights, boring bars and grinding sleeves, crankshaft balancing, rotating Perfect choice for inertial components, ordnance components and high temperature mold applications.
W-Ni-Fe alloy and W-Ni-Cu alloy (tungsten content 90%~97%) are conventional high-density tungsten alloys. We offer a wide range of high density alloys including rod, plate, sheet, foil and rod. We also have extensive machining capabilities, allowing us to offer standard sized weights or custom products completed to your required specifications. We also offer tungsten lanthanum alloy products in formed and machined forms.

Basic tungsten alloy parts: W-Ni-Fe Alloy, W-Ni-Cu Alloy, Shaped Tungsten Alloys

Weights: Tungsten Bucking Bar, Tungsten Counterweight, Tungsten Penetrator

Shields: Tungsten Radiation Shielding, Tungsten Syringe Shield, Tungsten Collimator, Isotope Container

Other W alloy products: Tungsten Boring Bar, Tungsten Alloy Targets, Tungsten Rhenium Alloy, Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy