We offer forged tungsten alloy, rolled tungsten alloy, and die-forged tungsten alloy, without further processing, we call them semi-finished tungsten alloy. The materials can cover all tungsten-high alloys, mainly tungsten-nickel-iron alloys and tungsten-nickel-copper alloys. Click here to view the properties of each material grade.

Rolled tungsten alloys include sheets, plates, and foils with thicknesses ranging from 0.05mm to 6.0mm. They are mainly used as shielding components in the medical and electronic industries.

Specifications for Tungsten Alloy Plate and Sheet


Tungsten Alloy Plates & Sheets


90W-NiCu, 90W-NiFe, 92.5W-NiFe, 93W-NiCu, 93W-NiFe, 95W-NiCu, 95W-NiFe, 97W-NiFe


MIL-T-21014, AMS-T-21014, ASTM B777


17g/cc to 18.5g/cc


2-200mm Thick x 10-300mm Width x 10-600mm Length*

Other types

Ingot, Rod, Disc, Cube, Ball, Ring, Block and Customized.

*The limits of each size are mutually limited. Please provide the required size and confirm the size range we can provide.

Edgetech Industries LLC offers tungsten alloy semi-finished products as well as tungsten alloy fasteners for assembly. Parts can be made from tungsten alloy plates and tungsten alloy screws for medical shielding to protect operators from radioactive materials. We provide assemblies per request.

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Machined Tungsten sheets
Tungsten Alloy Sheet
Tungsten Alloy Parts
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Tungsten Alloy Packing

We provide tungsten alloy rolled products (plates, sheets), and forged products (tungsten blocks, rods, ingots, etc.), tungsten alloy machined parts (radiation shielding, counterweights, bucking bars, collimators, etc.). In addition to high specific gravity tungsten alloy products, our tungsten-lanthanum alloy and tungsten-rhenium and gold products. Please send your request to sales@edge-techind.com.