Tungsten balance weights (tungsten weights, tungsten counterweights) are made from our tungsten alloy and can be used to compensate for oscillations, weight shifts, imbalances, and vibrations, create or shift the center of gravity and more generally ensure optimal balance.

Tungsten balance weights are critical components in many different applications. Tungsten weights help reduce the load on the part, extending its life. For example:

Aerospace: propellers and rotor blades, aircraft counterweights

Automotive industry: crankshaft counterweights/balancing and chassis counterweights, vibration damping governors, flywheels and turbines

Watch industry: pendulum/counterweight on watch rotor

Optical industry: microscopes and measuring instruments

Our tungsten counterweights can be made of W-Ni-Fe and W-Ni-Cu tungsten alloys, and we can provide tungsten balance weights, balance blocks, and ballasts according to your drawings.

Tungsten alloy container
Tungsten Alloy Container
Tungsten Alloy
Tungsten Alloy Parts
W alloy cylinders
Tungsten Alloy Cylinder

Packaging for our tungsten counterbalance weights
Tungsten balance weights are fragile and heavy, careful handling is needed. The standard package for tungsten balance weight is a wooden crate so that the tungsten balancing weights can be protected during handling and transportation.


We provide tungsten alloy rolled products (plates, sheets), and forged products (tungsten blocks, rods, rods, etc.), tungsten alloy machined parts (radiation shielding, counterweights, bucking bars, beam collimators, etc.). In addition to high specific gravity tungsten alloy products, our tungsten-lanthanum alloy and tungsten-rhenium and gold products. Please send your request to sales@edge-techind.com.