Tungsten carbide silver composites are harder but less conductive than silver tungsten grades. They are

suitable for air-switching operations where high resistance to arcing and mechanical wear is required. They are used in DC switchgear, miniature circuit breakers and heavy-duty relays. We can provide silver tungsten carbide with the same tungsten content as tungsten silver material.


Specifications for our tungsten carbide silver products


Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Thickness (mm)

Diameter (mm)


2 ~ 300

2 ~ 320


10 ~ 300

10 ~ 300

2 ~ 200

Other parts

Cube, ring, block, electrode and other customized parts

Tungsten Sliver
Tungsten Alloy Container
tungsten carbide copper
Tungsten Carbide Silver
Tungsten Copper Electrode
Electrode for EDM and ECM

Edgetech Industries LLC offers copper tungsten, copper tungsten carbide, silver tungsten and silver tungsten carbide in various compositions for high pressure and high temperature applications. We offer tungsten-copper parts for EDM and resistance welding, and we also make custom heat sinks for the semiconductor sector. The composition of tungsten composites can be customized.

Tungsten composite products include:

Material: tungsten copper, tungsten copper carbide, tungsten silver

Ingredients: Customized containing tungsten 50-90%

Special-shaped products: sheets, plates, rods, bars, plates, etc.

Customized parts: radiators, electrical contacts, resistance welding electrodes, parts according to drawings

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