Our tungsten granules are made by crushing forged tungsten parts, not coarse-grained or sintered tungsten powder. Like other special-shaped tungsten parts, its oxygen content is low, and when oxygen is considered an impurity, its purity is higher than that of ordinary tungsten powder.

Process differences:

  1. Ordinary tungsten powder: WO3 powder – reduced to tungsten powder. The average particle size of W powder is 1-30μm.
  2. Crystallized tungsten powder: W powder – sintered into primary blocks – broken – sintered tungsten powder to make its particle size larger than reduced tungsten powder, with a maximum size of -100 mesh.
  3. Our tungsten particles: sintered tungsten blocks – repeated forging – machining – customized parts – recycling of old parts (to ensure that no other impurities are introduced during use) – repeated crushing to obtain particles.

Our tungsten particles, also known as tungsten flux and tungsten accelerator, are mainly used as tungsten flux when the oxygen content and other gas element content requirements are low. Tungsten flux is used as a flux in the combustion process of high-frequency furnaces. It is used for infrared carbon and sulfur analysis, as well as the analysis and measurement of carbon and sulfur in metal and non-metallic materials such as iron, steel, and alloys.

Specification for our tungsten flux, tungsten accelerator


Tungsten Granules

Item No.





Pressing-sintering-Forging-Breaking to granules

Available size

20-40 mesh, 40-60 mesh, 60-80 mesh, and any range between 10 to 80 mesh

Tungsten Granules
Tungsten Granules
Tungsten Pellets
Tungsten Pellets
Tungsten Crucible Packing-2
Tungsten Packing

Packaging for our tungsten flux

Our tungsten fluxes are packed in plastic bags. A carton package is used if the quantity is small, while drums are for larger quantity

We also provide tungsten tin alloy granules (W-Sn alloy granules/particles) as tungsten flux, please contact us at sales@edge-techind.com for any inquiries and questions on W granules, tungsten tin flux and other tungsten products.