Tungsten heating elements (tungsten heaters) are made of tungsten wire or other pure tungsten products, with high melting point and excellent corrosion resistance. It is mainly used as a heating element in surface vacuum coating processes such as aluminum spraying, chrome plating, mirror making, ceramic coating, and plastic coating.
Tungsten heating elements (tungsten heaters) can be produced in single or multi-filament form according to customer requirements. drawing. There are two types of pure tungsten wire and doped tungsten wire.
Tungsten heating elements (tungsten heaters) can also be made from tungsten strips and tungsten rods. We can provide tungsten heating elements (tungsten heaters) according to your drawings. Applications of tungsten heating elements:
Heater for high temperature vacuum furnace
Operating temperature: 1800 – 3000°C Characteristics of tungsten heater/tungsten heating element:
– High mechanical and thermal stability
– Excellent uniformity
– Low creep deformation
– long lasting
We provide all tungsten and molybdenum parts that is use in high temperature furnace system, such as tungsten & molybdenum crucibles, Molybdenum and tungsten heater, molybdenum heat shielding, Molybdenum cover plater and liner, etc. Furnace system products are listed as follows:
• Tungsten Crucible
• Tungsten Heating Element
• Molybdenum Heat Shield
• Molybdenum Cover Plate
• Molybdenum Base Plate / Copper Base
• Tungsten Support Assembly / Tungsten Pillar
• Molybdenum Liner
• Seed Chuck

Riveted joint tungsten tube details
Tungsten Shield
Tungsten Heater
Molybdenum Shielding
Cover Plate
Base Plate
Support Assembly
Seed Chunk
Tungsten Crucible 23
Tungsten Crucible
Tungsten Packing

We offer tungsten rolled products (plates, sheets, foils), tungsten drawn and forged products (tungsten blocks, bars, wires), tungsten machined parts (tungsten crucibles, tungsten furnace systems, Customized tungsten), tungsten wire mesh. In addition to formed and machined tungsten products, our specialty tungsten products include tungsten granules (forged tungsten crushing) and porous tungsten (low-temperature sintered tungsten). Please send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com