Tungsten isotope containers are made of tungsten heavy alloy and are used to radiate the radioactivity of isotope chemical elements. Tungsten isotope containers are used in many different areas, such as radiation therapy in medical applications.

Specially sealed tungsten isotope containers are required to store and transport these isotopes. Whenever you need reliable radiation shielding, we have the right materials. Isotope safes and isotope containers are made of a tungsten heavy metal alloy that reliably absorbs radioactive radiation. Tungsten isotope containers ensure that radionuclides are safely contained.

Material: Tungsten Alloy, each grade per request

Dimensions: Per request or drawings, customized

Packaging of our tungsten isotope containers

Tungsten and tungsten alloy products are fragile and heavy and require careful handling. The standard packaging of tungsten isotope containers is wooden boxes to protect the tungsten isotope containers during loading, unloading and transportation. 

Tungsten alloy container
Tungsten Alloy Container
Tungsten Alloy Packing-1
Tungsten Alloy Packing
Tungsten Crucible Packing-2
Tungsten Packing

We provide tungsten alloy rolled products (plates, sheets), and forged products (tungsten blocks, rods, rods, etc.), tungsten alloy machined parts (radiation shielding, counterweights, bucking bars, beam collimators, etc.). In addition to high specific gravity tungsten alloy products, our tungsten-lanthanum alloy and tungsten-rhenium and gold products. Please send your request to sales@edge-techind.com.