Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy (W-La) is also known as Lanthanum Oxide-Doped Tungsten and Tungsten Lanthanide, Tungsten Lanthanum comprises tungsten metal together with a small quantity <=2% of Lanthanum Oxide LaO.

If small quantities of lanthanum oxide (LaO, 1.0~2.0%, 0.2~0.6%) are added to tungsten, its creep resistance is improved and the recrystallization temperature is increased. The machining performance for Lanthanum oxide-doped tungsten (Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy, W-La alloy) is better than pure tungsten. Lanthanum oxide doped tungsten (Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy, W-La alloy) is an ideal material for ion sources, welding electrodes and contact electrodes.

The regular content is 1.0%, 1.5% & 0.5% of lanthanum oxide for Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy (W-La alloy).

Properties of lanthanum oxide-doped tungsten (Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy, W-La alloy)

-High melting point

-High thermal stability

-Good electrical conductivity

-Good thermal conductivity

-Low thermal expansion coefficient

Applications for Tungsten Lanthanum alloy

-Coils/boats for evaporating equipment

-Circular blanks for semi-conductor technology

-Power supply wires and anodes/cathodes for thermionic tubes

-Electrodes for plasma coating

-Electrodes for electric resistance welding

-TIG electrodes for shield gas welding, plasma welding

-Evaporating equipment

-Semi-conductor blanks

Tungsten Lanthanum / Tungsten Lanthanide (W-La) Formats Supplied

-Sputtering targets
-Components per drawings

And customized parts

Tungsten Lanthanum Plate
W alloy cylinders
Tungsten Alloy Cylinder
Tungsten plate-packing
Tungsten Packing

We offer tungsten rolled products (plates, sheets, foils), tungsten drawn and forged products (tungsten blocks, rods, bars, wires), tungsten machined parts (tungsten crucibles, tungsten heaters, tungsten furnace systems, Customized tungsten), tungsten wire mesh. In addition to formed and machined tungsten products, our specialty tungsten products include tungsten granules (forged tungsten crushing) and porous tungsten (low temperature sintered tungsten). Please send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com