Tungsten alloy radiation shields only allow radiation to pass where it is needed. Our tungsten radiation shields ensure that environmental radiation exposure is kept to an absolute minimum during X-ray radiation generation.

A particularly dense material with excellent shielding properties is required to ensure that surrounding tissue is protected and radiation is directed only to intended locations – tungsten alloys are widely used in medical and industrial radiation shielding.

Tungsten alloy materials do not require a license. Tungsten alloys are stable at high temperatures. You can use one-third less material than lead to get the same energy absorption, and it’s non-toxic.

You can use our high-density tungsten alloys to shield anywhere radioactivity needs to be controlled and directed. Edgetech Industries LLC specializes in manufacturing tungsten radiation shields based on your drawings.

-X-ray tube shielding assembly

Shutter blades for computed tomography

-Detector shielding element

Isotope containers for brachytherapy

-Linear accelerator shielding elements

-radioactive source container

-Gamma-ray protection

-Source holders for well, logging, and industrial instrumentation

-Collimators and shields for cancer treatment machines

-Syringe protection for radioactive injections

Packaging for our tungsten radiation shielding

Packaging for our tungsten radiation shielding

Tungsten radiation shielding parts are fragile and heavy, careful handling is needed. The standard package for Tungsten radiation shielding parts is a wooden crate so that Tungsten radiation shielding parts can be protected during handling and transportation.

Tungsten alloy container
Tungsten Alloy Container
Tungsten Alloy Shiedling2
Tungsten Alloy Shielding
Tungsten Syringe Shield

We provide tungsten alloy rolled products (plates, sheets), and forged products (tungsten blocks, rods, rods, etc.), tungsten alloy machined parts (radiation shielding, counterweights, bucking bars, beam collimators, etc.). In addition to high specific gravity tungsten alloy products, our tungsten-lanthanum alloy and tungsten-rhenium and gold products. Please send your request to sales@edge-techind.com.