Tungsten-rhenium alloys are available over a wide temperature range (-196°C to 2,760°C) and standard temperature tables (ASTM E230 and E1751) are available from 0°C to 2315°C. Rhenium improves the properties of tungsten. Tungsten-rhenium alloys offer greater ductility at low temperatures while also providing greater stability at high temperatures. This effect increases with increasing rhenium concentration, which is typically as high as 26% in tungsten-rhenium alloys. These materials are relatively low cost compared to the precious metals platinum and rhodium.

The main product of tungsten-rhenium alloy is tungsten-rhenium wire. Our company can also customize plates, sheets and rods.

Specifications for tungsten rhenium wire


Tungsten rhenium alloy wire


W-3Re, W-25Re, W-5Re, W-26Re




19.4g/cc to 19.7g/cc



Tungsten Rhenium Wire
W alloy cylinders
Tungsten Alloy Cylinder
Tungsten plate-packing
Tungsten Packing

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We offer tungsten rolled products (plates, sheets, foils), tungsten drawn and forged products (tungsten blocks, rods, bars, wires), tungsten machined parts (tungsten crucibles, tungsten heaters, tungsten furnace systems, Customized tungsten), tungsten wire mesh. In addition to formed and machined tungsten products, our specialty tungsten products include tungsten granules (forged tungsten crushing) and porous tungsten (low temperature sintered tungsten). Please send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com