Edgetech Industries LLC offers custom-sized tungsten tubes for use at high temperatures. Tungsten tubes are widely used as high-temperature containers in sapphire single crystal growth furnaces, rare earth metal smelting systems, induction furnace heating elements, and quartz glass smelting systems. Tungsten tubes are increasingly used in the LED industry.

Because tungsten has poor machinability, process and machine selection are very important. It may be that serious cracks occurred during the machining process, or the tolerances were not met. Raw materials and annealing processes are also important. After sintering, the tungsten blank is forged to obtain higher density and better mechanical properties.

Tungsten tube process: small tubes (diameter roughly <100mm) are drilled from rods, and larger tubes are directly sintered. If the tube is large, a mold will need to be made first, and you can choose a more economical way to make the tube with a critical outer diameter. Drilling with rods wastes some material, while sintering requires tools.

Another method of making tubes and crucibles is welding or riveting. This is used when parts work time is short and leakage issues are not critical. This type of tube and crucible is cheaper.

Specification of our Tungsten tubes


Tungsten Tube

Item No.





18.3g/cc to 19.2g/cc


Sintering or machining from tungsten rod


20-640mm OD x 50-1000mm length

Fine tungsten tube

3.0-20mm diameter x 50-300mm length


Grinding, Finish turning

Similar to tungsten crucible, tubes with OD>80mm is made by sintering while small tube & crucibles are made by drilling from tungsten rods. The density of the sintered tube will be a bit smaller than that of forged rods. The price for sintered tubes will be lower for 80-100mm OD tubes, which can be made both ways. We are very familiar with our customer’s requirements regarding tungsten’s quality; therefore, we produce and deliver products with high purity and long service life. Length limitation for tubes with different ODs will be different.

Tungsten tube-66mm OD
Tungsten Tube
Tungsten ring
Tungsten Ring
Tungsten tube
Tungsten Tube-Small ID
Tungsten tubes
Fine Tungsten Tube
Tungsten tube-2021
Tungsten Tube-End chamfer
Tungsten plate-packing
Tungsten Packing

We offer tungsten rolled products (plates, sheets, foils), tungsten drawn and forged products (tungsten blocks, rods, bars, wires), tungsten machined parts (tungsten crucibles, tungsten heaters, tungsten furnace systems, Customized tungsten), tungsten wire mesh. In addition to formed and machined tungsten products, our specialty tungsten products include tungsten granules (forged tungsten crushing) and porous tungsten (low temperature sintered tungsten). Please send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com