Tungsten Wire Mesh can be used in battery, chemical, mine, hydrogen making, acid making. Our tungsten mesh is weaved by wire, the surface can be black oxide, chemically cleaned, electrolytic polished, etc. Material is 99.95% pure tungsten. 

Specifications for tungsten wire mesh


Tungsten Wire Mesh


Tungsten Wire, W>99.9%

Mesh Size

8 x 8 to 200 x 200 mesh


Plain Weave


Black oxide or Chemical cleaned


Battery, chemical, mine, hydrogen making, acid making, making heating element.

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We offer tungsten rolled products (plates, sheets, foils), tungsten drawn and forged products (tungsten blocks, rods, bars, wires), tungsten machined parts (tungsten crucibles, tungsten heaters, tungsten furnace systems, Customized tungsten). In addition to formed and machined tungsten products, our specialty tungsten products include tungsten granules (forged tungsten crushing) and porous tungsten (low-temperature sintered tungsten). Please send us your request to sales@edge-techind.com